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6 Great Reasons to Work With Us

In job interviews, you will often be asked ‘Why do you want to work here?’ But, as recruiters, we know it works both ways, and how important it is to ensure that the organisation is right for the candidate. This rings just as true when we are recruiting for members of our own team and those of our specialist brands.

With this in mind, we asked ourselves, ‘Why would you want to work here?’ And we came up with some pretty good answers, if you ask us. Read on to find out what they are.


We value your experience.

Because we operate within specialist disciplines and industries, it’s important that our recruiters know their business inside out. Whether you’re a winemaker by trade or you’ve always been drawn to recruitment, your expertise is acknowledged, valued and encouraged to grow.


You’re part of a genuine team.

One of our core values at Bayside is teamwork. This doesn’t just mean we all work together either – in an industry known for its competitiveness, even within teams, our focus on ensuring everyone is supported to do their best is something that sets us apart. We have a non-commission based remuneration structure to ensure our clients, candidates and workforce remain our number one priority.


We focus on relationships.

When it comes to recruitment, you’re only as good as your network. That’s why we have such a strong focus on relationships and great service. In fact, we’re the 2015 winner of the RCSA Client Service Excellence Award. This is because we work as a team and focus on solutions, rather than just making placements.


We understand that you have a life.

Recruitment can be a challenging industry. The demands from clients and candidates can be stressful for consultants. We acknowledge that and work hard to ensure our team is supported and understood, creating a healthier balance between your work life and your ‘life life’.


We recognise our people and their efforts.

We’re large enough to have a range of support and auxiliary services, but small enough to have niche brands. As a result, you have the ability to put ideas forward and make a difference. Once a quarter, we take the time to get together, recognise the achievements of our team and award individuals who have excelled in their job and promote our values on a company-wide stage.


We walk the walk.

We’re not just all about sending the right messages. Our actions are what make Bayside a great place to work. Our values (passion, integrity, respect, excellence and teamwork) are a vital part of how we run our company – and keeps our staff motivated day to day.


Our industry is fast paced, competitive and challenging – but it can be so rewarding. Ultimately, it’s the way we treat our people (clients, candidates and consultants), that sets Bayside Group apart from our competitors. If you’re interested in joining the team, get in touch today.