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Take a bite out of the Apple Isle

There’s a lot more to the Apple Isle than just sensational produce. The Tasmanian economy is booming, with growth expectations that exceed the national average which makes it a great time to consider moving there. If you are thinking of moving there are some things that are worth knowing.


Tasmania isn’t like the mainland

It is easier to buy a house in the Tasmanian economy House pricing in Tasmania is much lower than in much of mainland Australia. 

Being a small island there are some things about Tasmania that are quite different from living on the mainland. With less competition for space, the price of housing in Tasmania is much lower than in much of mainland Australia and considerably less than big cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. You could almost get two houses in Hobart for the price of one in Sydney. Median house prices in Hobart are $426,850 compared to $653,000 in Melbourne and $815,000 in Sydney.

Median house prices in Hobart are $426,850, compared to $815,000 in Sydney.

As it’s a smaller state, there may be some things that you don’t find in Tasmania. Big NRL matches or your favourite band may not tour there, but it’s just a short plane ride across the ditch to enjoy some of the finer things in life. Tasmania does have its own unique events as well, MONA FOMA and the Taste of Tasmania are two great food and arts events that draw tourists from further afield.

Tasmania also has a lot to offer adrenaline junkies. From horse riding to white water rafting to mountain biking, the great outdoors have so much to offer right outside your door. It’s impossible to deny that Tasmania is beautiful and it’s home to some of Australia’s most stunning landscapes, from Cradle Mountain to Wineglass Bay Tasmania is stunning.


There are some great things about living on a small island

Tasmanian winery The Tamar Valley in Tasmania has some of Australia’s finest wineries.

With a population of just over 500,000, Tasmania is a bit like a large country town. Get to know the locals and you may find that goodwill spreads across the state. This also gives Tasmania a more relaxed feel with a lifestyle to match. You can say goodbye to stressful traffic jams and you don’t have to travel too far to get out of the big towns and appreciate the beauty of the countryside.

When it comes to produce and the gourmet lifestyle, Tasmania challenges foodie havens like Melbourne in terms of quantity and quality. The Tamar Valley has some of Australia’s finest wineries and the state is also becoming known as a destination for whiskey and gin aficionados. There’s also no shortage of fine seafood and gourmet products wherever you go. And where else in Australia can you pick up a fresh scallop pie for dinner?


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