Around Australia and back again: Alen Skaro celebrates 15 years with Bayside Group

From Melbourne to Perth to Brisbane to London, Techstaff’s National Manager has certainly travelled far and wide during his 15 years with the Bayside Group. Today, we talk to Alen Skaro about reaching this milestone with the company, including his less than linear journey to his current role, and why he thrives off the innovation and diversity of the Techstaff clients.

Despite now being National Manager of Techstaff, Bayside Group’s science and technical recruitment brand, Alen’s career began in the engineering sector where he worked for 10 years. Alen’s first interaction with the Bayside Group was when they offered him an opportunity to work in Perth where he relocated for a year to work with one of their key clients. After this, Alen returned to Melbourne and embarked on extensive international travel. Upon returning to Australia, he commenced contracting through Bayside Personnel. It was during this period that Alen saw Bayside Personnel were looking for a recruitment consultant, applied for the role and commenced working directly with the business.

So, what made a man over a decade into his engineering career turn in his hard hat for a recruitment desk?

“My role was so technical, and while I enjoyed it, I really wanted the opportunity to work with people,” Alen says. “I could see that as a recruitment professional working for a specialist engineering brand, I could still utilise my knowledge of the industry’s technical components, but just be more engaged with people. And ultimately that’s the part of my job that’s most important to me.”

From trainee to holding his own desk with Bayside Personnel, Alen was eventually asked to move to Queensland and set up the brand’s Brisbane branch, where he learnt the intricacies of building a team from the ground up and establishing strong networks with clients. “It was a great period where there was an amazing amount of infrastructure projects being rolled out in the state and I had the opportunity to represent the Bayside Group in a requirement drive in London, and even represented Queensland in a government initiated recruitment drive in Victoria, to entice people to move to the state,”

Despite the sun and sand, Alen asked to return to Bayside Personnel’s colder Melbourne office and, after a time, found himself one day called into the boardroom where he found the CEO, Directors and HR waiting for him.

“Straight away I though, oh no”, laughs Alen. “But instead, they asked me if I’d consider taking on the role as Techstaff’s National Manager. I was a bit taken aback and asked for a few days to think about it. But even walking out of that room, I already knew I’d say yes and accept the role.”

After working for so many years in the engineering industry, Alen admits moving to scientific and technical recruitment was a little challenging to begin with, but he found his clients more than willing to explain the technical components of their business. He also says he was supported by a fantastic team, all of who had years of prior experience in recruitment and backgrounds in science.

After seven years managing Techstaff, Alen now most certainly knows his way around the industry, and works with companies ranging from large pharmaceutical organisations and food manufacturers to a range of government departments. It’s this diversity and the innovation that drives each and every one of Techstaff’s clients that makes Alen enjoy what he does so much.

“Every day is different,” he says. “Techstaff is lucky to be exposed to some high-level, exciting roles. You’re surrounded by new innovation, research and development, and you get to talk to people who are passionate about what they do.

“I’ve had the chance to tour Australia’s major drug testing laboratory in NSW, been shown through international pharmaceutical, food and chemical manufacturing facilities across the country and managed a multinational account in Queensland that had over 60 of our people on site. There’s the ever changing pharmaceutical and bio-tech sectors and the incredible changes that are happening in food tech. I just want to continue having interaction with such innovative clients.”