Automotive season

Australian Racing Season is about to begin: bringing automotive employment opportunities

The Australian Motorsport Racing season is nearly upon us, seeing the industry preparing for the busy period ahead. And though the Australian automotive industry has experienced many shifts and changes over the last decade, the racing season demonstrates that they country’s passion for cars is still strong, with races held across the country drawing crowds in the hundreds of thousands. Not to mention the international attention garnered from such events that are broadcast around the world.

Here, we look at the important role that Australian motorsport racing plays in boosting the industry in more ways than one.

Boost to the Australian economy

Despite the cost of holding such large events, motorsports offers significant stimulation to the Australian economy. According to an independent report from economic consultancy firm Earnest & Young, it was found that the motorsport industry pumps a massive $2.7 billion in direct industry into the Australian economy each year, 30 percent of which has been generated by motorsport events alone.

In 2019, Melbourne’s Grand Prix saw 324,000 motorsport fans from Australia and overseas fill Albert Park across four days of racing and events – the highest attendance figures since 2005. Such numbers serve to indirectly boost the economy due to the rapid increase of tourists attending the event, which the Victorian Government says indirectly generates $1.8 billion for the Australian economy.

Increases job opportunities

These motorsport events don’t just benefit the economy financially, but also result in significant job growth and employment opportunities for those in the automotive industry.

According to the aforementioned analysis, 16,181 direct jobs were generated as a result of the Australian motorsport industry, with motorsport events accounting for 4,888 of these. And it’s not just those working directly in automotive jobs that benefit, but also those within hospitality and tourism, with the Grand Prix creating around 4700 full-time equivalent jobs in the broader event industry.

Increased fan engagement

Motorsport is deeply embedded in Australian culture: it adds to community cohesion and development, and is the fourth most watched sport in Australia in terms of spectator attendance, behind AFL, horse racing and rugby league.

In fact motorsport events are receiving higher attendance levels than ever before. Such fan engagement is promising for the Australian automotive industry, showing increased interest that could drive future funding, upgraded facilities, training grants, job interest and opportunities.

The greater engagement the automotive industry receives from the Australian and international market, the better it is positioned in the international market.

Furthering advancements in technology

While one of the main attraction to Australian motorsport events is obviously the adrenaline-surging thrill of high speed and a common love of racing vehicles, there’s another often overlooked benefit to race car driving: one that sees manufacturers using links in the motorsport industry to drive automotive technology in a new direction.

Designing and manufacturing race cars takes extreme skill and precision, and requires some of the most advanced automotive technology. This sees the automotive industry at large using the motorsport technology as a springboard for industry-wide innovations. In fact, automotive technology that we now take for granted, such as full rear-view mirrors and performance tires, were derived from race inspired technology.

With fewer regulations and cost considerations than the real world, motorsports is often used by mechanics and engineers as a testing ground for generating ideas or solutions that could have far-reaching impact on the future of the automotive industry.

Such advancements see automotive engineers in higher demand, as the Australian influence in the auto industry moves away from building cars and towards researching and developing technology to put in vehicles.

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