Australia’s government plans to enhance infrastructure

Tony Abbott has promised to lead an infrastructure-focused government, and his commitment to getting "vital transport projects" underway as soon as possible has been outlined in a comprehensive report: The Coalition's Policy to Deliver the Infrastructure for the 21st Century.

These "vital transport projects" include the Bruce Highway in Queensland, the East West Link in Victoria and the WestConnex in New South Wales, to name just a few.

"Infrastructure is the key to Australia's competitiveness," the report begins. It goes on to blame our country's waning productivity on a lack of effective infrastructure – a problem the aforementioned projects seek to mend.

The government has committed an impressive $6.7 billion to see the Bruce Highway made safer and more reliable, as well as better able to keep up with the demands of a growing population.

It's not only important as the main stretch of road between Cairns and Brisbane, but also injects $11.5 billion into the Sunshine State's economy each year. It also supports an average of 60,000 jobs in North Queensland.

A further $1.5 billion has been set aside to get the East West Link project up and running. This entails the construction of 18 kilometres of road in Melbourne, and the planning of its first stages is currently underway.

An equal sum has been granted to the WestConnex, which promises to be "the largest integrated transport project in Australia".

Almost 10,000 jobs and hundreds of apprenticeships are being created as a result of this massive undertaking, which will eventually see Western Sydney linked to the Port Botany / Sydney airport precinct.

All in all, the future's looking bright for infrastructure in Australia – as well as the many industries, businesses and individuals that it serves each day!