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Beyond metro boarders: discover your potential in remote allied health work

Working as an Allied Health Practitioner in areas that sit beyond metropolitan boarders offer a wealth of opportunities that are often overlooked. Employment in rural and regional settings can be exceptionally rewarding, offering those who have limited access to health care with services that can dramatically improve their quality of life.

Beyond this, a rural experience offers Allied Health workers exposure to diverse cultures, incredible professional development, an opportunity to forge new friendships and an exciting chance to explore some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes.  

Here are 4 incredible benefits of venturing beyond the borders for Allied Health Practitioners and exploring the possibilities of remote work.

Professional development and education opportunities

While working in traditional metro areas can indeed be a beneficial way to progress your career, working in smaller, more remote communities brings with it an enormous opportunity to develop and expand your skills.

Working in these areas will often see you gain more autonomy and responsibility when it comes to patient care, and can see your skills and knowledge develop faster alongside this experience. You will likely be required to perform a more “hands on” role, rather than simply observing or assisting, seeing you gain invaluable experience that looks impressive on a resume.

Make a real difference

Despite there being a large number of illness in rural and remote communities, patients typically have poorer access to the diverse range of allied health specialist services compared to those living in metropolitan areas.

As a practitioner working remotely, you have the chance to make a significant impact on a small, tight-knit community. Regional work brings with it all the benefits of a small and supportive medical team, where you can work closely alongside colleagues, forming new friendships and learning more from senior practitioners.

Forge your own path

The chance to work in a less densely populated area allows you to explore parts of Australia’s unique and beautiful landscape that you might not otherwise have the chance to explore. From the beautiful beaches of Queensland to the peace and tranquillity of Victoria’s hinterland, there’s an array of exciting places that are just waiting for you to explore.

Furthermore, many regional communities offer a relaxed lifestyle that can be wonderfully refreshing after years spent in a busy city setting. Make new friends, embrace new opportunities to see the natural environment and enjoy the slower, more tranquil way of life.

Generous Incentives

The Australian government has launched its Stronger Rural Health Strategy as a way to combat the shortage of health professionals in rural, regional and remote Australian communities. Included in this scheme is the $181 million Workplace Incentive Program (WIP), which from January 2020 will provide targeted financial incentives to encourage health care workers to work in these areas, as well as offering financial assistance to support eligible general medical practices to engage the services of nurses, Aboriginal health practitioners and allied health professionals.

This means that as an Allied Health professional working remotely, there’s an opportunity for attractive salary packages, as well as other benefits that make the move to rural settings more appealing, such as additional leave or relocation assistance.

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