Celebrating the success of women in wine

Female Australian wine makers are set to take London by storm at the Women in Wine awards this month. The event, which will gather female winemakers and winery owners from around Australia, celebrates the achievements of women making strides in the sector and will showcase the prowess of those in wine industry jobs on an international stage.

The Women in Wine awards will recognise the achievement of almost 60 female winemakers.

Awarding the success of women in the wine industry

Australian wine is well recognised for its unique varieties and quality, strengths that are in part influenced by the diversity among its producers. With local beverages making great leaps in numerous overseas markets, it's fitting that this year's Women in Wine awards will take place in London and give prominent female wine professionals a chance to make their mark.

There are almost 60 women participating in the event, showcasing around 300 different wines and 18 winemaking regions across Australia. In addition to the awards ceremony, it will also encompass a tasting to allow wine makers to showcase their products. Attendees will only need to cover the cost of getting to the event, with Wine Australia opting to pay for all expenses associated with the tastings.

"We're thrilled that such a strong group of women will be representing the Australian wine industry internationally. This is a fantastic opportunity to shine the light on these women's success, share their wines with new audiences and hopefully inspire more women to join the wine industry," said Wine Australia's CEO Andreas Clark.

Diversity is central to the variety and innovation of Australian wine.Diversity is central to the variety and innovation of Australian wine.

Promoting gender equality in Australian wine

One of the most notable aspects of the Women in Wine event is its role in advancing diversity within the wine sector. As a number of successful ladies shape the future of the industry, encouraging more women to enter the profession will be important for continuing the innovation that makes Australian wine so notable.

"This is the first time the awards have been held outside Australia and we can't wait to celebrate some extraordinary women on the global stage. There is no doubt that the wine industry is male dominated, so it's important that we champion the women that are breaking ground and achieving so much in the world of wine," said the Founder and Chair of the awards, Jane Thompson.

"Showcasing our women in wine on such an important international stage is not only good for the advancement of gender equality, it's good for the entire Australian wine community."

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