Diesel vehicles increasingly popular in Australia

Diesel powered vehicles have long been touted for their power, reliability and efficiency. Despite the rise of electric and hybrid cars, there are people around the world that still think diesel is the best option. It seems that Australians think so too – with new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) revealing that diesel cars remain a popular choice for much of the population. 

This is an important insight for people in automotive jobs, whose work will be directed by the preferences of Australian car buyers.

Diesel vehicles experienced more than twice the amount of growth of petrol vehicles.

Australia's love affair with the diesel engine

Information gathered by ABS revealed that there has been a general rise in the number of registered vehicles on Australia roads, with passenger vehicles making up over 75 per cent. 

"The 2016 Motor Vehicle Census tells us there are over 18 million registered motor vehicles in Australia in 2016, which is an increase of 2.1 per cent since last year. This includes over 16 million cars and light commercial vehicles," said ABS Director of Transport and Tourism Amanda Clark. 

Of these, 20.9 per cent are comprised of diesel vehicles, experiencing a 2.1 per cent increase from 2015. This is equivalent to more than 293,000 new vehicles in the market – more than double the growth of petrol cars, which grew by 0.9 per cent. ABS states that since 2011, the number of diesel vehicles has grown by 60 per cent. This dramatic surge in sales suggests that Australians are renewing their love affair with diesel, and it will be up to those working in the automotive industry to respond accordingly.

Diesel  vehicles are known to be around 30 per cent more fuel efficient than petrol.Diesel vehicles are known to be around 30 per cent more fuel efficient than petrol alternatives.

What attracts buyers to diesel?

For sales professionals working in automotive dealerships, it's important to understand what Australian buyers like about diesel-fuelled cars, as this will give them an advantage when it comes to making a sale. There are several benefits to this type of vehicle, including:

  • Fuel economy – Diesel vehicles are know to be around 25 to 30 per cent more fuel efficient than their petrol counterparts. This means drivers have to visit the pump much less frequently, and can save a significant amount of money on long distances in particular.
  • More power – There's a reason why many trucks run of diesel; these engines are able to provide more torque than a petrol engine, and are therefore ideal for towing and moving heavy loads.
  • Engine technology improvements – Innovations with diesel engines mean they are no longer as noisy and emit less fumes than in the past. 

The current preference for diesel cars is Australia is apparent, but it is yet to be seen whether this trend will continue growing as rapidly in the coming years.