Digital technology getting more results from physiotherapy

As technology continues to shape the delivery of healthcare services around Australia, one of the areas that's seeing a significant impact is physiotherapy. Digital tools can not only allow more people to access the treatments they need, but also help to improve rehabilitation after major orthopedic surgeries. By partnering with technology, professionals in physiotherapy jobs will be equipped to treat more patients and achieve better health outcomes.

Technology can help achieve better outcomes for patients.Technology can help achieve better outcomes for patients.

Digital physio needed to make allied healthcare more accessible

One of the biggest challenges for the Australian health system is ensuring rural and remote populations have access to the services they need. Recent Medicare changes that allow rural Australians to engage in digital psychology consultations have highlighted the ability of technology to expand the reach of healthcare resources. With this in mind, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has emphasised the need to replicate this in physio services.

"Why should rural Australians be at a health disadvantage simply because of their geography?" asked Phil Calvert, National President of the APA. "We know that digital health consultations are effective, which is why the government has taken this step to provide rebates for rural telehealth psychology services. We need to make Medicare funding standard for physiotherapy telehealth consultations also."

Digital physio tools can help knee surgery patients get better results from their rehabilitation.

Technology helping patients recover from knee surgery

One example of the way digital technology is impacting the physiotherapy world is the trial of a new digital platform from CSIRO, which will assist people with recovery from knee surgeries by providing information, reminders and physiotherapy programs. The platform can also utilise mobile devices to monitor patients progress during rehabilitation.

"As more Australians face surgical treatment for osteoarthritis, more work needs to be done to understand how we can deliver accessible and cost effective services for patients and clinicians," said the Director of Health and Biosecurity at CSIRO, Dr Rob Grenfell.

"Studies have demonstrated that sound pre-operative preparation and post-operative rehabilitative exercises following a total knee replacement can improve outcomes by increasing muscle strength, improving joint function, restoring functional mobility, preventing deep vein thrombosis and shortening recovery times," explained APA member and orthopedic specialist Dr Michael Hunter. "The online portal will also provide instant access to patient recovery data enabling clinicians to act upon progress in real time fashion."

Technology such as this will help physiotherapists provide better treatment by being better informed, and by encouraging their patients to be more consistent and involved in their own recovery.

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