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Filling the technology talent gap

Australia’s technology industry is in the midst of a skills gap. According to a report by the Australian Computer Society and Deloitte, Australia will need 200,000 more ICT workers in the next five years, but less than 5,000 people graduate in Australia with an ICT degree each year.

The skills that will be in high demand in the future include experience in artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain and cybersecurity. It’s now critical that businesses address this technology gap or risk falling behind in the digital race due to underemployment.


Technology departments need to take charge

Rather than relying on the educational system to provide new talent, technology companies and specialised departments are taking matters into their hands. They’re tapping into the pool of talent that already exists with their company by upskilling existing staff and sourcing new talent internally.

Only 22% of businesses in Australia use digital collaboration tools.

For this to be a success it relies on both the company and the individual to want to develop new skills and talent, creating a win-win for the organisation.

In its research titled Bridging Australia’s Knowledge Economy Gap in Industry 4.0, Optus has also identified some ways that businesses can change that will accelerate learning and improve skills within their organisation. For example, only 22% of businesses in Australia use digital collaboration tools. By taking advantage of these tools companies can facilitate the sharing of knowledge and communication much quicker and build their internal skill base.


Finding hidden talent

Female programmers working on new projectEncouraging more woman to enter the profession will increase the pool of talent.  

With technology skills limited, some organizations are looking to under-utilised talent pools. One of the biggest opportunities to increase the pool of technology talent is to encourage more women to enter the profession. Traditionally, women have not pursued careers in STEM education to the same extent as men.

By collaborating with organisations like Code Like a Girl and Girl Geek Academy businesses are both encouraging new talent to enter the industry and helping to develop the skills that they need. Some organisations have also taken this a step further by hosting their own hacker schools or boot camps to encourage young talent to take an interest and learn the skills that they require both now and in the future.


Technician connecting motherboard to supercomputerHosting hacker schools or boot camps may encourage young talent. 

Another way businesses are bridging the technology talent gap is to find skilled workers overseas. Skilled immigration can be an effective way to fill short term needs with new talent that is already experienced and ready to hit the ground running.

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