Construction worker greeting a foreman at renovating apartment.

Get your job application noticed during the New Year hiring frenzy

For many employees working within the trades and industrial industry, the start of the year can be an enticing time to find a new job. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), more than 1 million Australians changed employers or the business they ran in the 12 months to February 2018, with the largest proportion moving during January and February.

This makes January and February a particularly competitive time of year to begin your job hunt within this sector, meaning you’ll need to stand out from the crowd to gain the attention of a potential employer. Here’s some useful tips from our experienced recruitment consultants that will help you get noticed and hired in the New Year. 

Update your resume

While thirty years ago resumes for jobs within trades and industry were not overly common, they are often required nowadays. And even if a job application does not specifically ask you to include a resume, it’s a good way to help you stand out from other job seekers.

Whenever you begin searching for new jobs, it’s important to update your resume according to the job you’re applying for. Even if you feel as though your skills have not changed much since you last applied for jobs, you might be surprised at just how much you can add in when you return to it.

Ensure that you include any additional skills, training, accreditations or licences that will be relevant to the companies and roles you are now applying for.

Furthermore, update your referees. Include the contact details of your most recent manager, and ensure you write a respectful resignation letter that will see you leave on good terms.  

Customise your cover letter

Whether you are applying for a position as a forklift operator, electrical fitter or mechanist, even if you don’t think a cover letter will be relevant, it’s a sure fire way to help you stand out. A well-written customised cover letter serves to make you look professional and will help to make you more memorable to a potential employer.

And no matter what role you are applying for, you should always customise your cover letter to suit the particular company. While a specific will require a certain scope of skills and experience, a potential employer will be on the lookout for a candidate that will specifically be able to assist them and their company. Especially if they have a large number of applicants. For this reason, consider how your experiences, accreditations and abilities will be of particular value to that company, and tailor your cover letter accordingly.

Do your research

Overall, the most impressive candidates are those who genuinely care about the company and the job they are interviewing for. If you appear to be engaged, switched on and in-the-know regarding the company and the industry, this will give you a significant head start on other New Year applicants. 

This makes it important to do your research, so take a look at the company’s website and social media channels prior to beginning your application. This will allow you to tailor both your resume and cover letter accordingly, as well as give you lots of material to discuss if you get asked for an interview.

If you are looking to change jobs or enter into the workforce during this competitive time of year, contact Baytech today. Our experienced consultants can help find the job you’re looking for and offer their best advice so you can stand out to potential employers.