Health organisations highlight the need for more patient care

Spurred by a number of key milestones, the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) and the McGrath Foundation have both called for changes to ensure better health for Australians. 

As the Federal Government applies changes to the tax system, the AHHA stated that this is an ideal opportunity to explore reforms of current healthcare schemes as fiscal considerations are brought to the forefront.

"Governments and health administrators grappling with budget challenges must seize the opportunity to reform financing and payment models to ensure Australians continue to receive high quality, affordable and accessible healthcare," said AHHA Chief Executive Alison Verhoeven.

The ratio of available hospital beds has been shrinking since 2009.The ratio of available hospital beds has been shrinking since 2009.

A report written by AHHA Senior Research Leader Dr Linc Thurecht expressed the need to address growing demand for hospital services. He pointed to a number of factors currently propelling the need for better healthcare, including the ageing population, increasing costs of medical technology and growing public expectations. 

With a rising number of patients over 65 particularly vulnerable to injury and sickness, aged care employment is becoming of increasing importance. The 2015 hospital scorecard from the Australian Medical Association stated that there were 2.62 beds for every 1,000 patients and only 17.5 available for those over 65 in 2011-12. Considering these ratios have been shrinking since 2009-10, healthcare reforms need to address hospital capacity, especially for better care of the elderly.

According to the AHHA, the new system should promote better value for money and refocus efforts into providing better patient care. Through careful coordination and integration between different medical bodies and increased funding, the organisation believes that patient interactions can be improved across the board.

McGrath Foundation emphasises need for more nurses

With the announcement of its 10 year anniversary, the McGrath Foundation, a breast cancer advocacy organisation warned of a potential shortage of nursing proffesionals.

There is a current shortage of 79 breast nurses in Australia.

According to a report in conjunction with the AHHA, there is a shortage of 79 breast cancer nurses in Australia today, as reported in a September 17 ABC article. This number is expected to rise to 109 by 2020 if the issue isn't addressed. 

The McGrath Foundation funds 105 nurses and is expected to support another five before the end of this year. To properly address the lack of nurses in this field, other medical organisations need to think of strategies to encourage more nurses to enter this area. 

Nurses looking for specialised healthcare jobs in the future should consider training in breast cancer care. This field offers good job prospects as well as quality care to Australians suffering from breast cancer.