What’s the career path in warehousing and logistics?

There are few sectors that have as direct an impact on the national economy like the warehousing and logistics industry. As a vital part of almost all supply chains, the industry ensures the hospitality sector, for example, have supplies for service, the fashion industry receives new clothing lines and mining businesses have access to new equipment.

For the close to 400,000 Australians who work in the warehousing and logistics industry, according to Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council, the career options are endless – allowing individuals to explore different areas and expand their skillset. So, if you want to make your career a success, what should you be working towards?

Take advantage of training opportunities

Technology in the warehousing and logistics industry is always changing and as such, the required skills in your particular job may shift over time. This means that in order to keep up with the industry, it's recommended to pursue various training opportunities when they emerge.

Upskilling ensuring you're always ahead of the industry.Upskilling ensures you're always ahead of the industry.

In this particular industry, there are numerous qualifications that could push your CV ahead of the competition. From forklift operations and manual handling to working at heights and traffic management, the more certificates and qualifications you have, the better.

Work on your weaknesses

It's easy to cast aside your weaknesses and instead concentrate on your strengths. However, this could be what is holding you back from progression. Although your weaknesses could be addressed by training, soft skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork improve instead by setting goals and objectives.

For example, if you want to move into a management-level role, employers will be looking for a combination of soft skills, experience and qualifications. To advance your career, talk your employer about your weaknesses and set clear goals to developing these vital soft skills.

Understand what the industry is looking for

Build goals and objectives for your career.Build goals and objectives for your career.

One of the challenges of such a large industry is it can be tricky to understand where you can actually go in your career. As such, it can be helpful to work with a recruitment firm such as Baytech.

Our expert team operate with both industry leaders and candidates each day so have a good understanding of where you can fit into the system. Gain access to a range of new and exciting roles as well as learn about what employers are looking for in 2018.

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