How will technology benefit aged care in 2016?

The healthcare and technology industries tie together to support job opportunities and better services for all Australians. Professionals can seek employment in technology to develop new solutions that offer immense benefits to the population. 

For the aged care sector, these innovations are seeing higher rates of adoption, creating a host of new job opportunities and better healthcare prospects. 

Why is technology so important to this sector?

An earlier report from Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) highlighted the benefits that technology offer are a key component for addressing challenges in the industry. The increased efforts of the broadband rollout, innovations in data information technology and developments in software have all changed the way that carers conduct their day-to-day tasks. 

Technology can provide immense benefit to carers. Technology can provide immense benefit to carers.

In order to realise the potential of technology solutions, aged care recruitment efforts will become vital in the next few years, especially in remote and rural areas. Professionals in this industry will also need to be prepared for technological advances with the right training. 

How will this area evolve in the future?

The importance of digital disruption has been a widely-discussed topic over the year and the aged care sector is expected to follow suit, according to a report from the McKell Institute.

Technology systems need to be optimised for usability, cost reduction and integration.

Innovative methods of aged care will become more commonplace and the institute recommends that systems be optimised for usability, cost reduction and integration with other programmes and government-mandated services.

The latter aspect is especially crucial, as providers can now address unnecessary inefficiencies by correctly applying technology. However, this requires the right infrastructure and support frameworks, as well as the knowledge of how to use them to full potential. 

New website to assist dementia patients

One of the key areas for senior individuals will be embracing the internet and communications to support their health and well-being. This was exemplified in a recent release from Alzheimer's Australia Victoria. The organisation created an interactive website to provide assistance to those suffering from dementia in the state. 

The website is expected to offer benefits to a wide group of people as General Manager of Client Services Leanne Wenig explained.

"Being able to access our Online Dementia Support service means carers and people living with dementia can watch videos in their own time, and repeatedly if needed," she said.

"They can take the time to read and absorb information that, especially on receiving a diagnosis can be overwhelming."

Aged care is a vital part of health services in Australia and the ongoing effort in technology developments will serve a great number of people next year and in the future.