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The importance of administrative staff in the education sector

A good education sector is one of the hallmarks of a strong economy. While much focus is placed on the quality of education and the outcomes it produces, there are also many unsung heroes that support the sector in administration and operations.


There’s more to administration than meets the eye

High angle shot of a young businesswoman explaining workNo school can operate effectively without its administrative and operational staff.

The backbone of the education sector is its administrative and operational staff. From finance to human resources, these central support functions are similar to those found in any organisation of size. Like other organisations, no school can operate effectively without them. Some areas where these roles are critical include:

  • Strategy: These roles define the organisational strategy and help them implement it. Senior administrators and management provide an essential service that ultimately enriches the experience for students and gives them new opportunities for learning and development.


  • Administration: The task of administration is essential in every organisation. Making sure staff are looked after, suppliers are paid and enrolments are processed are all essential functions in an educational organisation. The administrative or back-office staff that are tasked with these functions are also often the key contact point for external suppliers and service providers as well as current and prospective students.


  • Operations: Quality educational services require services that support educational outcomes by keeping the campus operating on a day to day basis. This is the heart of any school, keeping things moving and ensuring that essential and non-essential services are available to students and staff.


Administration is the backbone of education

Smiling elementary school teacherAdministrative functions support teaching staff in keeping educational facilities operating.

Without administrative roles, the educational sector would not be able to function effectively or efficiently. The people that fill these roles determine how education is delivered and what it needs to develop and progress into the future. Administrative functions also support teaching staff to deliver this strategy to students and keep educational facilities operating. While they may not necessarily be perceived as crucial to delivering quality educational services, without administration services making sure an educational institution is operational the entire campus could be at risk.

Last but certainly not least, the administrative roles that provide students with a safe and secure space in which they can learn should not be ignored. Having students who are healthy and capable of learning both emotionally and physically is crucial to the success of the education sector.

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