Business plan discussion with both temporary and permanent staff

How to make a permanent impression in a temporary role

A temporary or contract role doesn’t necessarily have to be a short-term opportunity. Many temporary roles have the potential to become permanent for the right candidate. If you’d like to make a temporary position permanent there are several things you can do to increase your chance of success.


Listen and learn

While you’ll be keen to make an impression, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be expected to jump in and take charge on day one. Take the time to learn about the organisation, listen carefully to instructions and ask questions when you’re not sure. Don’t be afraid to take notes and clarify anything that’s not entirely clear. This way you can ensure you meet expectations and make a good impression.


Become part of the team

Hands in It is important to be an effective team player and getting to know the people around you. 

Getting to know the people in your team and building a strong rapport is a good way to make yourself indispensable. This doesn’t mean you need to organise social events, it just means you should be an effective team player. Remember everyone’s name and go out of your way to help out where you can, even if it’s not part of your role description. Everyone likes to work with people who are both friendly, collegial and helpful.

When talking to your manager, ask them how they prefer to operate and be communicated to. That way you can ensure that you meet their expectations and potentially even exceed them.


Avoid office politics

Discussing and planning work It is best to avoid getting involved in office politics. 

While it’s important to get along with your colleagues, getting involved in office politics may backfire on you. It often takes a long time to understand the different relationships in the office and one wrong step can brand you a gossip or a troublemaker. While you’re still in a temporary role it’s best to avoid getting involved in underlying politics.


Be professional

The best way to make a lasting impression is to be professional. Regardless of your role, bringing a can-do attitude and appropriate presentation will make sure you stand out. This includes how you dress, behave and operate. Being on time, turning off your personal phone, making sure you only use the office email for work and taking only authorised breaks are all part of putting your professional foot forward.

With a good agency by your side, you can also increase your chances of turning your contract position into a permanent role.