Managing 457 applications without the risk

Recent controversies regarding migrant workers have quite rightly raised concerns about the treatment of international workers in Australia, and why companies look overseas in the first place.

Recruiting skilled overseas professionals is often essential for businesses, particularly where a specific skill set is not currently available locally. However, the process is often costly, time-consuming and confusing, presenting risks for employers. So why utilise the skills of international workers?

The most-commonly used visa is the 457, which allows temporary skilled workers to enter and work on projects for companies based in Australia. This is especially useful for those looking to recruit for projects where niche skill sets are required. It allows employers to access expertise critical to building organisational capability and employee learning and development.

The requirements set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection are stringent, with applicants required to pass a number of tests and standards in addition to being nominated by an approved business, also known as a sponsor. The sponsor is also asked to meet stringent guidelines, provide comprehensive reporting and evidence that a particular skill set is difficult to recruit locally or not available in Australia. With constant market shifts, regular reviews of the marketplace are therefore necessary.

Bayside Group brands Techstaff (science), Bayside Personnel (engineering) and Austra Health (nursing), have held a Labour Agreement with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, which grants the ability to sponsor select professionals, for many years.

As a leading specialist recruitment firm, Bayside Group is well-positioned to recognise skill shortages and can sponsor employees from overseas on your behalf. As well as saving your business time and hassle, this also eliminates risk from your end. Once a visa is granted, the skilled professional is able to commence work immediately.

Bayside Group’s international team take complete control of the process and keep up-to-date with the list of approved government skills and shoulders the responsibility associated with 457 recruiting. These include:

  • Assistance with resettlement and repatriation if required.
  • Repaying any costs resulting from the employee’s forced removal from Australia to the Australian Government, up to $10,000.
  • Offering training regimes for local employees.
  • Satisfying the market salary levels and employment conditions as outlined by the Australian Government.
  • Complying with notification, monitoring inspection and record keeping requirements, and with all Australian immigration laws.

Bayside Group’s services also extend to assisting with the transition of travellers on working holiday 417 visas to the 457, which allows them to work for one employer for longer durations, provided no suitable local candidate can be found.

Support information is offered to 457 visa holders to help them adjust to life in Australia. The ‘Arrival & Survival’ kit gives useful information around local amenities, emergency contacts and how to get around via public transport. This ensures that workers are supported and satisfied while employed in Australia.

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