New breakthroughs on the horizon for Australian wine

Ever since the first grape vines wound their way out of Australian soil, the wine industry has been in a constant state of flux and growth. Research and discovery has always been the cornerstone of this sector, which now generates around $6 billion in revenue each year and employs well over 17,000 people, as IBISWorld reports.

With a new strategic partnership supporting ongoing improvement to industry practices, Australian wine is poised to enter a new era of development that will boost sustainability, encourage job growth and make way for new opportunities for business owners.

Key research into areas such as premium grape varieties has produced the wine industry we know today.Key research into areas such as premium grape varieties has produced the wine industry we know today.

The wine industry's history of transformation

For much of its lifetime, the wine sector has been renowned as one of Australia's fastest growing export industries. This was made possible by a constant transformation, which allowed growers and producers alike to tap into new markets and leverage the advantages of the Australian climate.

According to an account from CSIRO, it was only around 40 years ago that Australia focussed almost entirely on fortified wines such as sherry and port. After key research in the 1960s that helped breed premium grape varieties and utilise the country's expanses of irrigated land, the wine sector became the flourishing environment we know today. However, if this success is to continue, research on sustainable and innovative changes to key areas of the industry is a key piece of the puzzle.

New research and development is key to creating a sustainable and profitable future for Australian wine.

A partnership to break new boundaries in Aussie wine

Wine Australia recently announced that it will join forces with the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) to promote development and research activities between 2017 and 2025.

"This agreement is excellent news for Australian grape and wine producers. It ensures that the industry's own research organisation will continue to provide the world-class research and services that have supported growers and winemakers since 1955. The outcomes to be delivered under this agreement will directly benefit Australia's wine producers and grapegrowers, who will gain access to new knowledge and tools to enhance wine production efficiency and quality," said Dr Dan Johnson, managing director of AWRI.

The primary focus will be on several major priorities of the future, including aiding market access, improving efficiency, as well as enhancing existing practices such as fermentation.

With the partnership aiming to drive long term profitability in Australian wine, industry employers may need to expand their workforce to take advantage of new growth.

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