New cruise ship itineraries set to generate jobs for Victoria

A series of P&O cruise ship itineraries have been confirmed for Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and Portland, which will showcase Victoria as a desirable and unique tourism destination while creating employment opportunities for residents.

The new itineraries are expected to cater to hundreds of interstate and international visitors, as the popularity of cruises has increased to become "the fastest growing segments of the global tourism market," as stated by Minister for Tourism Louise Asher.

Ms Asher highlighted the potential for the new itineraries to position Victoria as a unique and desirable tourism destination.

"Victoria is keen to capitalise on that demand [for cruising] by incorporating Victorian destinations into cruise itineraries to showcase our unique tourism experiences," Ms Asher stated in an April 29 press release.

An expected 86 cruise ship visits in total are expected in 2014/15, and the increase is expected to provide employment opportunities within Victoria as a result.

"Having more ships in Victorian waters means that there is a greater economic benefit to the state, as the vessels take on stores, provisions and fuel to complete their journey, thereby generating more jobs in Victoria," Ms Asher said.

This may benefit those looking for employment in the food and beverage sector as demand increases for facilities to accommodate tourists, generating plenty more positions.