New projects to boost global competitiveness of Australia’s infrastructure

New statistics have shown that Australia’s infrastructure is among the world’s best. Nevertheless, it must be developed further to be capable of supporting the country’s growth in the long term.

With a number of priority projects on the horizon, employers will be on the look out for more workers to fill engineering, design and construction jobs as Australia’s infrastructure continues to evolve.

There is a total of $535 billion worth of infrastructure projects in the pipeline around Australia.

Australia ranked as having well-developed infrastructure

According to a new report from business research firm Timetric, Australia ranks 16th on the global competitiveness index for its infrastructure. This suggests that Australia already has a solid physical infrastructure, though it does have some room for improvement when it comes to worldwide standards. That’s why ongoing investment in new projects is vital for progressing the positive standings.

The report reveals that in 2015, the value of infrastructure construction came to a total of $43.7 billion, and this is projected to increase to around $46 billion by the year 2020. There is about $535 billion worth of infrastructure investment made up by a collection of 460 different large projects currently in the pipeline around Australia.

This reflects the significant development that is to come, suggesting that there may be a surge in employment opportunities in this industry as well as promising economic support.

Infrastructure investment are aiming to improve Australia's transport systems.Infrastructure investment aims to improve Australia’s transport systems.

What are the upcoming priorities?

One of the biggest infrastructure challenges that Australia faces today is pressure on transport networks, resulting in congestion and general travel inefficiency. It follows that the Timetric research shows road and rail projects make up 60 per cent of the total developments that are unfolding.

Infrastructure Australia’s Infrastructure Priority List details the most pressing projects for different regions around the country. They include Victoria’s Western Distributor, a rail link from Maldon to Dombarton in New South Wales, and renovations to Queensland’s Bruce Highway.

“The Priority List is ultimately a platform for better infrastructure decisions – it provides rigorous, independent advice to governments and the public on the infrastructure investments Australia needs,” said Mark Birrell, Chairman of Infrastructure Australia. He believes that these developments will produce measurable positive outcomes for Australians.

“By completing the major reforms to infrastructure markets the average Australian household will be almost $3000 better off every year,” he said.

However, in order to sustain these projects, employers need to have access to sufficient talent. If you are looking for infrastructure candidates, working with a recruiter is a good way to source the quality workers you need.

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