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Nursing roles among the top jobs in Australia

Australia’s health care sector offers young professionals career prospects that few other industries can match. According to recent research from job site Indeed, several specialist nursing roles are among Australia’s top jobs.

The average annual base salary for a specialist nurse in Australia is $90,000+. 

Indeed’s study aimed to find Australia’s best jobs, based on average base salary and demand from employers. After pouring through tens of thousands of jobs, Indeed found that four nursing roles were among the top 30 professions in Australia.

Demand for specialist nurses has greatly increased over the past few years. This demand is reflected in the pay on offer, with the average annual base salary for a specialist nurse in Australia now more than $90,000. The demand for health care professionals, especially nurses, is particularly acute in regional areas, where there is a skills shortage. Here’s a breakdown of the top nursing roles in Australia.

Oncology Nurse

Oncology nurses care for and work with cancer patients. Among their primary responsibilities is patient assessment, and they work in multidisciplinary teams in a variety of environments, ranging from the inpatient ward to the community. Oncology nurses can expect attractive remuneration packages, with an average base salary of $85,591. They are also in very high demand with 480 job postings per million jobs.

Maternal and Child Health Nurse

Practitioners with extra qualifications in midwifery, and maternal and child health, Maternal and Child Health Nurses (MCHN) are in great demand in Australia (201 job postings per million). To be a MCHN, you must be registered, trained in advanced techniques and willing to work in the community. According to Indeed, the average base salary for a MCHN stands at $93,995.

Primary care nursing role Primary care nurses are the first level of contact for patients.

Primary Care Nurse

As the first level of contact that patients have with the healthcare system, primary care nurses play a vital role. They work in a wide range of settings, including general practice, residential aged care and occupational settings. Primary care nurses are very well remunerated, with an average base salary of $96,956, although they are currently in less demand than other specialists with 98 postings per million jobs.

Clinical Lead Nurse

Lead nurses tend not to provide direct patient care. They usually focus on supervising other nurses, and act as a link between nursing staff and hospital management. Lead nurses must be registered nurses, and typically have a few years of experiences under their belt. Some healthcare facilities prefer lead nurses to have a master’s degree and/or prior management experience. The seniority of their position is reflected in their pay, with an average base salary of $98,662. With 127 postings per million jobs, lead nurses are in strong demand.

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