Social media: A tool for recruitment success

Sometimes recruiting and job seeking require you to think outside of the box. Of all the new technologies that have had an affect on the recruiting process, social media is perhaps one of the most interesting. It is an invaluable platform for building a brand, creating connections and gaining information about candidates and businesses.

By learning to use social media effectively, candidates and employers alike will find their recruiting experience revolutionised and remodelled for the 21st century, giving them more resources and tools to stand out from the crowd.

Social media is used by 79 per cent of job seekers to research companies of interest.

Social media can serve both individuals and businesses, but isn’t always used to its fullest potential

According to research by recruiting specialist Glassdoor, 79 per cent of job seekers use social media to research the companies they are interested in, because it allows them to get an understanding of the company’s brand, core principles and culture. However, two thirds of employers do not use social media to promote job openings, and are therefore missing out on a fertile arena for sourcing potential hires.

Recruiting with social media

With the variety of social media platforms available, the first thing for recruiters and candidates to discern is which platform is most appropriate for their purposes, as this will heavily influence how effective it is.

Professional networking website LinkedIn is an obvious choice, with research by Careerglider claiming that 79 per cent of recruiters make the majority of their hires through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a standout because it is a professionally focussed social media, and allows users to create a network of connections to help them navigate their career. According to personal branding and career specialist Tom O’Neil, having a well designed and professional LinkedIn profile allows job seekers to effectively ‘sell’ themselves and stand out to potential employers who may be head-hunting on the site. For recruiters, LinkedIn serves as a database for finding for finding the right professional for their company.

Social media can enhance your brand online.Social media can be helpful for education recruiters and others who want to assess the character of potential staff.

Not to be forgotten are websites such as Facebook and Twitter, which are perhaps less commonly associated with recruiting but regardless provide a useful means to promote brand awareness. Candidates can use these social media sites to enhance their personal brand through the kind of information they post and the way they present themselves. Similarly, Glassdoor suggests that companies can generate interest in their brand and company culture by getting employees to share positive hashtags and photos.

Social media can therefore be extremely useful to the recruiting process when used wisely. However, recruiters and candidates should always be aware of what they post and how it can affect their online presence.