The most popular wines around the world

The Australian wine industry is well known throughout the world – our unique climate makes for some equally unique-tasting wine. Because of the size of the continent, almost every climate and soil type is found in Australia, which results in a rich variety of flavours – everything from juicy reds to sweet sparkling and robust ports. With some of the oldest vines in the world, and research and education to improve vines and wines, it's no wonder our product has become a staple in wine cellars around the world.

That said, if want to be an expert in the industry, you need to expand your palate internationally. Here are some of 2017's best flavours from around the world.

If you haven't tried the Rosso di Montalcino aka "baby Brunello" then it's time to indulge.

Italian reds

Italy is famous for its vineyards that produce some of the world's richest wines. That said, it's hard to narrow the vast selection down to just one bottle. However, if you haven't tried the Rosso di Montalcino aka 'baby Brunello' then it's time to indulge. Grown in the heart of Tuscany, this wine is produced from the same grape as the Brunello di Montalcino, however it takes less time to age. It is ready just a year after harvest. It boasts a full-bodied flavour made distinct by notes of black cherry and wild-berry fruits.

Portuguese whites

Expand your wine culture with these flavours from around the world. Expand your wine knowledge with flavours from around the world.

Last year was a notably good season for Portugal's Vinhos Verdes. It's not necessarily new to the scene, but it has been producing a consistent taste and as such deserves to be recognised. The grapes are from the northwest of Portugal next to the Atlantic Coast. This location makes for an interesting climate that varies from green hills to salty seas, adding up to a light, refreshing wine that's also inexpensive.  

The United States rosés

To round out this wine list, it's only appropriate to include California's rosés – specifically, Belharra, Rosé of Syrah. Straight out of Napa-Sonoma County's Las Madres Vineyard, creators Anne Fogarty and Camille Gaio have crafted a refreshing rosé that isn't overly sweet. Sipping on this, the palate should pick up an array of tangy citrus like lemon and orange as well as notes of darker berries like cranberry and raspberry. It's a good summer wine, but that shouldn't stop wine enthusiasts from enjoying a bottle all year round.

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