Three key traits to look for in your next automotive sales hire

At a time when consumers are empowered by digital technology and no longer limited to face-to-face buying, your staff can make or break the success of your automotive dealership. It’s vital that you employ salespeople who understand the fine balance between meeting customer’s needs and expectations, and closing the deal, as this will help you secure business and compete in this challenging market. So what makes an effective automotive retail professional that will allow your dealership to go the distance? Here are three important qualities to look for when making your next hire:

The quality of your sales staff can make or break the success of your dealership.

1. They’re motivated by money

The image of the hard-hitting salesperson who is driven by money is a cliche for a reason. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, money-motivation is an important trait in sales that separates the truly competent sales professionals from those who will only deliver average results. This isn’t something that can be learned, it’s an innate quality that pushes the individual to strive for the end result and put in the effort required to get there. You can determine if someone is money-motivated by whether they are interested in the process of closing sales and if they raise questions relating to money in the job interview.

2. They are trustworthy and possess integrity

This is not to say, however, that an obsession with cash is the overarching quality of an effective salesperson – honesty and integrity are attributes that your dealership cannot do without. Customers are more informed than ever before, and are likely to have done their research and know if they are being mislead by a salesperson which will be detrimental to the ability to close the deal. Marketing technology and advertising company PERQ explains that dealerships have a responsibility to provide fair and reliable service to their customers, and this cannot happen without trustworthy staff. This is something you can’t discern by looking at a resume, which is why the interview process is so essential.

Your customers expect to be treated fairly and respectfully by sales staff.Your customers expect to be treated fairly and respectfully by sales staff.

3. They’re able to think outside the square

Finally, good automotive sales staff are not totally inflexible and focussed on the end goal, but display common sense and a flair for problem solving. When interviewing candidates, seek out those who are genuinely attentive and responsive to your questions, and who are able think creatively when you throw them a curve ball.

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