Understanding the importance of physiotherapist registration


For undergraduate students completing their studies soon, the news that the Physiotherapy Board of Australia (PBA) has streamlined the online registration process may comes as a relief. It is now easier than ever for recent graduates to ensure they are fully registered as medical professionals.

The PBA, in partnership with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulator Agency (AHPRA), has even released an animated video to help guide future physiotherapists through the process.

What you need to know

The video was created to make new graduates aware of how important it is to register with the PBA. The animation also discusses the legal and ethical responsibilities of newly registered physiotherapists and the process they need to undertake over the course of their medical careers to ensure they stay Board-compliant. Some of the other points included:

  • Ensuring applicants’ level of English, medical indemnity insurance and criminal history match the requirements for registration before applying on the Board’s website.
  • Explaining ‘recency of practice’ compliance when re-registering annually – physiotherapists are required to demonstrate their practice over the past year to ensure they are compliant with PBA standards. Practice encompasses more than just direct clinical care – it also covers management, research and education roles.
  • Establishing the importance of understanding the Board’s Code of Conduct, which includes notifying APHRA of any cases of malpractice from other physiotherapists.

Charles Flynn, Chair of the Physiotherapy Board, said ‘The video is short and easy viewing; we didn’t want to overwhelm new graduates with lots of information. We wanted to guide them through the requirements they will need to meet when they start work, such as continuing professional development and re-registering with the Board every year,’ according to a PBA media release.

Registering to be a physiotherapist is easier than ever thanks to a streamlined application process.Registering to be a physiotherapist is easier than ever thanks to a streamlined application process.

Why this is important

The new online registration system and the PBA animated video is an important move to helping young jobseekers transition after they have completed their course of study. It ensures they are fully aware of how to deal with future registration paperwork. More importantly though, it also ensures new graduates are complying with health standards and they are not practising illegally.

Practising as an unregistered physiotherapist carries fines of up to $30,000 according to the Board, and the potential for even higher costs in personal legal cases brought against you for misconduct.

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