Western Australia to double wine exports

Despite uncertain market conditions for the wine industry, Western Australia is forecasting big growth in its wine exports.

The WA Wine Industry Association has recently released its strategic plan for the next decade, outlining the state’s aim to become a major exporter of high value wines.

The review has set a number of ambitious goals for the state’s wine production, aiming to double total exports to $100 million within the next three years.

Other key areas for future growth include re-engaging with key export destinations like the United States and Europe, as well as continuing to expand in lucrative Asian markets.

In order to promote this growth, the document has focussed on the region’s high-value wine brands. Western Australia is home to a number of the country’s most valuable wine brands, with the average export value of Western Australian wine almost twice that of the national average.

The WA Wine Industry Association is expecting employment in the wine industry to grow as a result of this program, thanks to the importance of wine production for the area’s horticultural sector. Exports of wine represented the largest value-added sector for horticulture in WA, contributing 41 per cent of the value added to the state’s produce.

To support these goals, the report recommends the creation of a number of different regional associations to promote the export of wines, while also investing heavily into new agricultural processes which increase the utilisation of natural resources.

The Chair of the reference group behind the study, Nigel Gallop, identified how this strategic review would add value to the sector’s wine exports in the future, especially in regional organisations.

“It is clear we need to be focused on a unified voice from the State Association with strong Regional Associations championing their provenance and personalities,” said Mr Gallup.