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What We’ve Learned from 40 Years in Recruitment

A recruiter’s success depends just as much on knowledge as it does on contacts. Over the past 40 years, the team at Bayside has picked up many valuable insights into our unique industry. In celebration of our 40th birthday, we’d like to share some with you.

1. Forge strong relationships and you’ll reap the benefits

“Candidates can become clients, and clients can become candidates,” says Julie Riley, Team Leader, Austra Health. “It’s important to develop strong and effective relationships for this to happen.”

2. Understand the important role you play in people’s life story

“A great recruiter is constantly aware that they’re dealing not only with people’s professional livelihoods, but personal lives, hopes and emotions,” says David Hickleton, General Manager, Alitis. “In this job, we offer the promise of a more hopeful existence. Great recruiters understand the professional objectives and personal passions driving the candidates they’re working with.”

3. When facing a challenge, face it as a team

True to form, the Techstaff team in Victoria spoke on the importance of teamwork: “When facing adversity and challenges with clients and candidates, it is best to work together and resolve any issues in order to foster long term partnerships that will be of benefit and value in the long run. This has enabled us to develop strong relationships that are based on mutual respect, trust and integrity.”

4. Be flexible

“Flexibility is the key to success in your professional and personal endeavours, says Cyril Hennequin, Senior Consultant at Bayside Personnel. “We are in the people business and can only provide effective HR and recruitment solutions by focussing on delivering exceptional service in a professional and personable way.”

5. Take the time to make time

“Ensure that no matter how extensive your workload, you take the time to remember that you are dealing with the unique requirements of individuals, and respond accordingly,” says Zoe Wright, Recruitment Consultant, Baytech.

6. Focus on relationships – not sales

“Throughout my time servicing the engineering and technical sector, my focus has been first and foremost building strong relationships, rather than making a sale,” says Wayne Eaton, Team Leader, Bayside Personnel. “Focussing on developing strong relationships from the beginning has led to some of Bayside Group’s most successful partnerships over the years.”

7. Look beyond what’s on paper

“When recruiting, qualifications and experience only count for so much,” says Alen Skaro, National Manager, Techstaff. “The most important things to look for in potential employees are passion, work ethic and logical thinking.”

8. Be honest

“Strong, long-term working relationships are essentially built on trust and respect,” says Melanie Dunn, Manager, NSW, at Techstaff. “Honesty is paramount, whether dealing with clients, candidates or colleagues.”

9. Focus on question quality

Not getting great answers in interviews? You might not be asking the right questions: “In an interview and reference check scenario, the value of an answer hinges critically on the quality of the question,” says Pam Dew, National Manager, Austra Health.

10. Never stop learning

The team at Baytech’s Laverton office know the value of upskilling: “To be outstanding, a recruitment consultant requires a broader skill set than many would realise,” they say. “Internal support combined with continuous learning, development and training opportunities are critical and a high priority of our business.”

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