What you need to know about email marketing in Australia

In today's constant tide of spam and junk mail, email marketing often gets a bad wrap, leading many professionals in marketing jobs to avoid the channel out of misplaced fear. However, eTargetMedia Managing Partner Harris Kreichman argues that email marketing is a valuable tool that, if used correctly, has the potential to achieve excellent results.

"Email continues to be the most effective marketing channel and email marketers who embrace successful email tactics including email marketing automation, email personalisation, mobile responsive email design and email interactivity are seeing the best results," he said. "Email marketers who implement a comprehensive email strategy that focuses on targeting the correct audience through email segmentation and continuous email tracking, testing and optimisation will reap the rewards of email marketing including a positive ROI."

A recent study from Litmus Software and Vision6 has revealed some of the intricacies of email marketing in Australia. To help you make the most of your email campaigns, here are some key insights for getting your strategy on point:

Half of all Australians prefer to read their emails on their mobile devices.

1. Consumers like their emails mobile

According to the report, mobile is the most popular platform for emails in Australia. Half of all Australians prefer to read emails on their mobile devices, compared to just 28 per cent who use a web browser and just 22 per cent on a desktop. This highlights how important it is that all email campaigns be optimised for mobile, or marketers will not be able to properly target this dominant audience.

2. Timing is everything

An effective email marketing strategy does not send out emails haphazardly, but takes advantage of the times when emails are most likely to be read. The Litmus study found that the highest email open rates can be seen on a Monday, followed closely by Friday, and drop off drastically in the weekend. It's also important to note that as Australia operates on three separate time zones, marketers must alter their timing for each region.

Australia has tight regulations around email spam.Australia has tight regulations around email spam.

3. Australia has unique challenges

Finally, there are a couple of difficulties regarding email marketing in Australia compared to other places in the world, including a generally slower internet speed. Just 8.2 per cent of Australians have access to speeds over 15Mbps, as opposed to the 19 per cent global average. The country also has a stricter laws regarding spam than many other places around the world. 

To maximise your email marketing skills and hireability in the Australian market, make sure you're aware of these factors and use them to your advantage to create campaigns that perform.

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