Why cloud security is a career gold mine for IT security experts


It’s been several years since the first wave of cloud computing hit – changing the way we work and interact with people around the world. However, despite the overwhelming benefits of moving to the cloud, we’re not yet into a position where we can take this technology for granted.

Yes, cloud security has improved, but this doesn’t mean it’s time for businesses to forget about protecting vital data and information. What does this mean for professionals in this space moving forward?

Two-factor authentication – the future of IT security

Does Facebook have stronger security than some businesses?Does Facebook have stronger security than some businesses?

Recently, digital security provider Gemalto released its 2018 Identity and Access Management Index surveying over 1,000 IT decision makers. One of the major findings was that 54 per cent of respondents noted their workplace cloud authentication was worse than what Facebook and Amazon offered consumers.

Both sites use two-factor authentication to allow access to their network, something 64 per cent of IT leaders believe would be a good step in their own systems. Despite this, 92 per cent indicated that they’re concerned about employees reusing personal credentials – highlighting that IT managers are struggling to balance cloud security and a simple login experience.

“While there is a need to make things easier for employees, there is a fine line to be walked. IT and business line managers would do best to figure out the risks and sensitivities associated with the various applications used in their organisations and then use access management policies to manage risk,” Gemalto SVP Identity and Access Management Francois Lasnier said.

“While there is a need to make things easier for employees, there is a fine line to be walked.”

This is certainly where experienced cloud professionals can make a difference in the commercial environment. Cybersecurity remains a major issue, but this need for protection should be balanced by what cloud computing is all about – ease of access and collaboration.

Cloud and cybersecurity skills in demand in 2018

With the above survey results in mind, it makes sense that both cloud and cybersecurity skills are very much in demand over 2018. This insight from Forbes explained that given the recent cybersecurity incidents across the globe, organisations need to ensure networks and data is protected properly.

This also extends to those who understand cloud technology and how this relates to cybersecurity as a whole. For candidates who have proven experience in these fields, there is good demand for your talent.

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