experience the wine regions in regional Australia

Why regional Australia is right for you

There are plenty of reasons to live and work in regional Australia. Whether it’s being in or near the great outdoors, shorter commutes or more money in your pocket, there’s no shortage of excuses to escape the rat race.


Lower Cost of Living

You get a lot more bang for your buck in regional Australia. According to Realestate.com.au, the median price for a 3-bedroom house in Warrandyte, Melbourne’s most in-demand suburb, is $935,000. In scenic Mildura in northern Victoria, it’s $265,000.

What’s more, you can expect more square metres, more acreage and maybe a pool, or at least space for one. And for the green-fingered among you, more acreage gives you the chance to have your own patch to grow your own fruit and vegetables (and save a few dollars a week), which is nigh on impossible in many big city units.


roads in regional Australia are much quieter Traffic is less common on regional roads. 

Stress-Free Commutes

No one wants to spend hours snarled up in traffic. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many commuters in Australia’s large cities. According to a recent Deloitte survey, the average one-way commute for a Sydney CBD worker is a whopping 63 minutes. All that time takes its toll, with high levels of stress common among city commuters.

In regional Australia, it’s a different story. While the average commute distance is no shorter in regional Australia, it’s rare to experience the sort of traffic common in Sydney, Melbourne and elsewhere, which means regional commuters are less likely have to suffer the sort of stress that results from hours spent in gridlock every week.


Tighter Communities

It’s not a myth that regional communities tend to be close-knit. Many city residents, particularly those in their 20s and 30s, tend to be transient. It’s not uncommon for them to move suburbs every couple of years, even if they have stable, well-paid jobs. In Sydney and Melbourne, this is the norm in many inner suburbs and urban areas, which means they lack the strong sense of community that’s common in regional communities.

For many, living in an area with a strong sense of community is essential. You’re more likely to find such a sense in regional communities, where residents tend to be long established, have tight friendships and strong links to the area.


Walking along a river edge outdoorsMost major regional cities and towns are on rivers and near National parks. 

The Great Outdoors

Wherever you are in regional Australia, chances are you’re pretty close to the great outdoors. Most major regional cities and towns, such as Mildura, Griffith and Launceston, are on rivers and situated near National parks, so there’s never any shortage of fun outdoor activities to do.

Another bonus of regional life, and being in or near the great outdoors, is how it makes you feel. Living in a scenic rural setting can be good for your mental wellbeing, while living in a dreary urban area can lead to anxiety and depression.

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