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Jun 7, 2016

Building rapport with your employees

In many industries, particularly those that can entail a certain level of risk to health and safety, it's important for employees to have a healthy respect for the authority of the employer. However, this does not mean establishing a culture of dominance and intimidation.

Rather, by forging positive relationships with your staff, you will be able to create a more productive and effective workplace based on mutual trust and respect.

Having a positive relationship with your employees can produce a number of valuable benefits.


A good rapport can create a more positive workplace

The saying "employees don't leave jobs, they leave bosses" exists for a reason – the relationship that you have with your staff can drastically affect whether they are happy and satisfied in their position. Consequently, effective management is dependent on being able to establish a certain amount of amity with your entire team, making them more open to direction and able to have input of their own in turn.

According to Business 2 Community, there are a number of advantages to forging good relationships throughout the hierarchy. Firstly, when the work environment is comprised of respectful and open relationships, it is much easier to manage and resolve conflicts, resulting in a more harmonious atmosphere overall.

Likewise, employees who feel appreciated by management will be more motivated, resulting in increased productivity in the workforce. In addition, they are also more likely to be loyal to a company and employer that values them and views them as important to the organisation. This means that the time and cost associated with a high employee turnover will be reduced, significantly improving your bottom line.


How can you cultivate positive employer-employee relationships

While having a good rapport with your staff can produce many great advantages, it does require you to take certain steps to achieve it. Here are some of the ways you can do this.


  • Establish realistic expectations – Although having standards for your employees can be motivational, setting the bar too high can actually be counterproductive. Instead, establish goals that your staff will actually be able to reach, and be sure to reward those that go above and beyond.
  • Be open and transparent – Some employers believe their authority rests upon maintaining a monopoly over information. However, a transparent hierarchy is more likely to promote a sense of trust among staff.
  • Develop a sense of ownership – When employees are allowed to be autonomous and take a personal interest in the success of the company, they will be encouraged to give their best.

By cultivating a good employer-employee rapport, you will be able to create a more positive and productive work environment overall.

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