By Techstaff

Feb 8, 2017

Food processing is a cornerstone of Australian manufacturing

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission reveals that food and beverage manufacturing is the biggest manufacturing employer in the country, and delivers well over $18 billion in exports to countries such as Japan, China, USA, New Zealand and Korea. Regardless of the changes happening in the wider sector, food manufacturing continues to thrive and remains a powerhouse for Australia's long term economic and employment growth.

Food manufacturing currently employs more than 300,000 Australians.

Manufacturing shifts make way for the food industry

Food processing has long been influential on the manufacturing industry, with its impact far outweighing that of all other subsectors. However, recent shifts in the makeup of manufacturing work have lead to food and beverages becoming even more central to the future of what is among Australia's most influential industries. 

"Employing over 300,000 Australians, the sector's Industry Value Add of $29 billion was almost three times higher than the next largest manufacturing subsector – machinery and equipment and fabricated metal," said Tanya Barden, Director of Economics at the Australian Food and Grocery Council.

"Australia's $126 billion food and grocery industry is likely to play an increasingly important role in Australia's future manufacturing base as traditional manufacturing areas of strength like the car sector moves off shore, and export demand for our food and grocery products increase."

Food processing driving Australia's manufacturing future

According to Ms Barden, future prospects are good for food and beverage manufacturing, and the subsector is likely to continue thriving due its positive image in international markets.

"While domestic conditions remain challenging, food and grocery processing is an area of strong export growth with an 11 per cent surge in food and beverage exports to $26 billion last year. These results show a huge potential for future growth," she said. "Australia's reputation as a producer of clean and green products remains a key international advantage and combined with rising global demand for food gives Australia a great opportunity to drive jobs and investment growth for the future."

This is good news for professionals working in the manufacturing industry, who can rely on food and beverages to sustain the sector and deliver a range of employment opportunities in this field in order to service the demand for Australian products.

As food processing becomes more important to Australian manufacturing than ever, job seekers will do well to partner with a recruitment agency that excels at navigating the ebbs and flows of this complex sector. To learn more about our science and technical recruitment services for both companies and job seekers, check out the Techstaff website here.

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