By Bayside Group

Nov 1, 2017

How to unleash the true potential of your talent

If you want to forge a team of professionals that continuously reaches new heights, you need to know how to enhance their abilities and help them to grow. Here are three steps to help you unlock the full potential of your staff and allow you to reap the benefits of your recruits for years to come. 

Engaged staff members are more motivated to grow and improve as professionals.

1. Work on engagement

How engaged are your workers, really? Engagement is a key factor that determines not only how well your employees perform at present, but also whether they will continue to grow and improve in the future. Engaged staff members are invested in the success of their organisation, so are more likely to be interested in developing their skills and producing better results for the company. Focus on creating the right environment for professional growth, and you'll be much more likely to see them unleash their potential in the long run.

2. Get personal

Every member of your team has unique strengths to offer, so when developing your staff it's important that you tailor your approach to each individual. Along with broader business objectives, make sure you set specific goals for each person that will challenge them and facilitate growth. It can also be valuable to offer personalised incentives to motivate them more effectively. By promoting improvement in each worker in isolation, you will also be able to create a more successful team overall.


3. Make it count

Finally, focus on creating a sense of ownership within your team through helping them make a measurable impact on your business. According to SAP Success Factors, the best way to do this is to ensure everyone understands the way their day-to-day work assists with the overall objectives and vision of the organisation. When your workers feel that their ideas are valued, that they have agency within the team and can see concrete results from their contributions, it can drive them to branch out and actively work to enhance their skills.

Now that you know how to get the most of your staff, you are ready to seek out talent with copious amount of dormant potential.

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