By Alitis

Jan 18, 2019

The changing role of web developers


As technology advances at a rapid rate, so do the crucial roles that bring about disruption. One of those roles is that of the web developer, which has changed in both substance and importance over time.


How the role of web developers has changed

When it comes to building a website, web developers are the engine room. They use programming languages to create how the website will operate and what functionality it will have. When they partner with website designers, who create the look and feel of the site, they create a complete website, application or program.

Creating a website or program often also involves a wide range of technical skills. This includes server-side scripting to make sure everything is working as it should behind the scenes, while client-side scripting determines what the user will see when they’re using the web page or app. Finally, database technology plays an important role in making sure the site or program runs smoothly. Each of these areas requires knowledge of different coding languages and software programs. While one web developer may have skills in all three areas, it’s common for people to now specialise in one of these aspects and work in teams to create the end product.

Web development also involves more than great technical skills. To be able to translate functionality into something that also has a superior user experiences requires good communication and an ability to problem solve. As most web developers work with web designers and other members of the marketing and development team, they also need to be good team players. Web development also often involves projects that can take weeks, months or even years to complete, so project management skills are highly regarded.


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The importance of web developers

The world wide web has only been in existence since 1994 and over that time it’s developed from being a green screen interface to slick websites that have multiple functionalities. None of this would have been possible without web developers.

Web development now extends far beyond website development and into applications and other programs. In any one day the average smartphone user launches nine applications, but there are estimated to be over 4.1 million apps available for consumers to download. At least one web developer has played an important role in each of those applications.

Regardless of size, every business now requires some form of web presence and this means they need the skills of a web developer. This means the future is looking bright for people who have web development skills, with many fantastic opportunities available like this one.

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