By Alitis

Apr 17, 2019

The NBN is creating new job opportunities

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is currently being rolled out across Australia. Its objective is to give Australians access to high-speed broadband at affordable prices, but it also has provided an additional benefit to many in the form of new job opportunities.


The NBN has created jobs

While the NBN has increased demand for people with experience in IT networking, it has also created roles for people in other areas. Some of these roles are directly involved in rolling out the NBN.

For example, an Indigenous Advancement strategy report found that people who had previously been long-term unemployed were now employed thanks to the NBN. They were involved in laying optic fibre cables, connecting cables from power poles to premises and digging cable pits. Being gainfully employed not only gives people money in their pocket but also has a positive effect on their confidence and self-esteem. This has helped many go on to find other roles.


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Digital access is driving jobs growth

By 2021, Australia is expected to be one of the top ten countries for internet equality in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This access is allowing people to access digital jobs that were out of reach or didn’t exist before. Research has found that jobs growth grew by one per cent in NBN-connected areas compared to just 0.2 per cent in non-NBN connected areas.

The Regional Australia Institute forecasts that up to 7,620 digital jobs will be created in Wollongong alone as a result of the NBN. This growth is also expected to be seen across the country – 148,000 new digital jobs are expected to be created in the next two years. These jobs include software programmers, graphic designers and electronic trade workers. With faster broadband, the number of teleworking jobs is also expected to increase by up to 25,000, with 40% of these roles in regional Australia.     

By increasing people’s access to high-speed broadband, the NBN is also helping small business grow. It is predicted that the NBN will encourage over 80,000 new businesses by 2021. New business growth in NBN-connected areas has grown at twice the pace than non-NBN connected regions. This is projected to boost Australia’s GDP by $10.4 billion.

According to the Connecting Australia Report many of these businesses will be run by women. It’s expected that 52,200 more women will own their own businesses by 2021 thanks to the NBN. As small business grows, job opportunities will grow with it.

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