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Jul 9, 2019

Why more nurses are choosing corporate jobs

When you think of nurses the first image that often comes to mind is a professional tending to someone in a hospital. But there is a growing number of nurses who are discovering the many benefits of working outside the traditional healthcare system, particularly within the corporate sector.


Corporate wellness is on the rise

The industry of corporate wellness is growing as more businesses begin to understand the importance of their employee’s mental and physical health. Depending on the organisation, these roles can be quite varied and include dealing with issues of safety and occupational health, or putting wellness programs in place.

Occupational nurses may also be responsible for tending to staff who are unwell, performing periodic health or skin checks or even making sure everyone has received their latest flu vaccination.


Corporate Health Education

Nurses in corporate settings can also take on the role of educator. They may develop and conduct training programs to make sure employees are aware of the hazards in their role and to promote personal health and wellbeing.

In some workplaces, occupational nurses are tasked with documenting workplace injuries or illnesses and looking at the working environment to identify new ways to improve safety. These programs can be quite varied and include everything from identifying potential hazards to putting in place programs that reduce the risk of illness or injury to employees.

Some nurses also take on the role of ‘health coach’, seeing them work with patients who are chronically ill. Depending on their illness this can include educating the patient about how to live a healthier lifestyle, or how to manage symptoms associated with their illness. In some instances, nurse health coaches are employed directly by a company or may be provided by an insurer.


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Legal Nurse Consultants

Another area that often hires nurses is the legal industry. There are many cases, such as medical malpractice, personal injury or toxic torts, where a certain level of medical expertise is required to better understand the situation. However, since many lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and jury members aren’t always familiar with the world of medicine, they will often need help from a legal nurse consultant.

These nurses assist legal professionals by helping them to understand and process medical information that they aren’t likely to be familiar with. In other words, they work to help bridge the gap between the fields of medicine and law. Not only are they experts in practical medicine, but they also usually have a firm grasp on the legal aspects of medicine and the healthcare industry.


There are many benefits to corporate nursing

While working in a hospital can be exciting, there is often less urgency and stress associated with working in a corporate organisation. This is because the nature of the work is focused more on being proactive about prevention, rather than reacting to an illness or injury. It also has the potential to give you exposure to a broad range of administrative and managerial activities, which may provide opportunities for future promotion and career development.

Many corporate nurses also tend to work more conventional hours, which means saying goodbye to night shifts. Depending on the organisation and industry, there may also be a wide range of benefits on offer.

Many organisations have roles for nurses, from large businesses to schools, universities and law firms. If you’d like to know more about the opportunities available to you, get in touch with us.

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