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Jul 12, 2019

Lexus announces Victorian trial that could change the face of automotive safety

Lexus Australia has announced a partnership with VicRoads and Telstra that could change the face of automotive safety.

The two-year trial will see a pair of RX450h hybrids fitted with $5000 of specialised equipment that will allow them to communicate with each and other through cellular networks while testing five new connected safety features.

Among the new technologies are an emergency electronic brake-light warning, which communicates between two vehicles to warn the driver when another vehicle further down the road – and potentially out of sight – is braking hard.


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Another such feature will provide information on variable speed limits, while also suggesting speed limits to drivers as they travel around a curve at speed. These kind of advancements in automotive technology are aimed at reducing the chance of road trauma and improving traffic management.

While ambitious, Telstra group executive network and IT manager Nikos Katinakis says that the technology will be compatible with the incoming 5G cellular network, rather than the current 4G which requires tweaks to be compatible.

This is not the first of these trials to be run by Lexus, with the company beginning a similar trial in Queensland in November of last year, which has proven to be progressively successful. The Victorian trial has begun Lexus Australia’s test track in the western Melbourne suburb of Altona and will now be rolled out on roads across Victoria, in both urban and rural environments.

IoT concept

Lexus Australia managing director Scott Thompson told Go Auto that the trial was primarily a learning exercise for the company.

“Quite simply, it’s about enhancing the safety systems that we’ve got within our car, so it’s about learning, it’s about providing information to our parent company, it’s about providing information back to VicRoads, and in any way that we can improve road safety.”

This constant advancement in automotive technology will see a growing need for employers to source staff who will be able to understand and keep up with these developments within the industry.

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