By Bridge Consulting

Jul 16, 2019

Five reasons to hire temporary workers

Regardless of their size, every organisation has ebbs and flows when it comes to the type of skills they require and the amount of work they need. One way that some businesses can fill this gap is by hiring temporary workers. In this article, we outline five reasons why you might want to consider taking on temporary workers.


1. Manage seasonal fluctuations

Taking on permanent staff can give your business stability, but it can also increase the fixed costs of your organisation. When dealing with seasonal fluctuations, businesses often require a degree of flexibility to address short-term capacity issues. Whether it’s dealing with the Christmas rush or implementing a transformation project, temporary staff can help your business scale quickly without leaving you with excess resources in the quiet periods. 


2. Find the right fit

Great employees can be difficult to find, but when you come across someone who is a perfect fit culturally and has the right skill set for your organisation, it makes sense to take them onboard permanently. Hiring temporary staff gives you the opportunity to assess whether an individual is the right fit before you take them on permanently. According to Michelle Macdonald, National Manager at Bridge Consulting, this is quite common with approximately 15% of temporary administration and corporate positions she sees converting into permanent roles.


3. Access niche skills

An organisation may require some specialised skill sets for specific projects or the development of new products. These skill sets may be so niche that your business doesn’t require them permanently. Temporary workers allow an organisation to access these specific skills and bring in new perspectives to improve the business. This can also suit individuals who want to hone their specialisation by working with various organisations.


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4. Take the pressure off

Meeting tight deadlines, doing over-time and working hard can take its toll on people. Bringing in temporary workers during busy periods or when people are on leave, can take the pressure off permanent staff. This won’t only assist in keeping morale among your permanent staff high, but will also help to boost productivity at a time where it may otherwise wane.


5. Be more agile

Temporary workers can often be hired at short notice, which allows businesses to be more agile. Because a short-term hire often doesn’t go through the same stringent hiring processes as a permanent hire, they can be recruited quickly. In a world where speed to market is everything, being more nimble can make the difference between success or failure of a new product or initiative.

If your business requires temporary staff, we can help you find the right people for your organisation.

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