By Alitis

Aug 14, 2019

How you can benefit from the gig economy

The way people work is changing thanks to modern technology. No longer tied to desk jobs or traditional 9-5 working hours, workers now have more flexibility in which to take advantage of the growing gig economy. There has been huge growth in these alternative work armaments, with 60% of Australia’s workers taking advantage of the gig economy.

One industry which is particularly known for benefiting from these flexible working options is the IT industry, which sees many workers able to take advantage of working remotely, flexible hours and a compressed working week.

The gig economy is especially suitable for those working in the IT industry for several reasons. Many in the industry are familiar with working with digital tools that make it easy to work remotely, and IT projects often lend themselves to more flexible working arrangements. If you’ve been considering working in the gig economy here’s four reasons it may be just what you’re looking for.


1. Work when it suits you

Working in the gig economy gives you the ability to work the hours or periods of time that suit you. You may be able to choose when you work and when you don’t depending on your specific schedule and family commitments. Because you’re not tied down by regular hours, you may also be able to take on discrete projects that mean you can set aside weeks or months where you’re free to travel, look after your children or do whatever you choose.


2. Work where it suits you

Taking on a gig role may also mean that you can work remotely. For some, that may mean having the ability to be a global nomad and not be tied down to any specific country or time zone, while for others it may mean being able to work from home, avoiding the need to travel across the city, battling with traffic or public transport.


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3. Gain diverse skills

Working in a traditional job structure often comes with specific tasks that may not really match your career or development aspirations. By taking on different jobs or contracts, you’re able to work on a broad range of projects, allowing you to gain diversity in your working life and skill set. In the long run, this extensive breadth of knowledge will make you more employable and more of an asset to many organisations.

Furthermore, if given the opportunity to work on three or six month contracts, you’ll also likely get the chance to work within various industries, adding variety to your daily working life. You’ll come into contact with multiple organisational structures and meet different people within the industry, allowing you to expand and diversify your professional network.

Find out what opportunities you can take advantage of in the gig economy by getting in touch with us.

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