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Jan 24, 2020

Dealership careers that incorporate your passion for cars with your 9 to 5

Working in a car dealership brings with it a wide array of job opportunities and carries many benefits. Not only are there opportunities for career progression, competitive salary packages and the chance to work with like-minded people, but you have the chance to act as the link between car manufacturers and their customers. This makes this area of work ideal for those who have a passion for the automotive industry but are also interested in delving into the business, management and sales aspects of the industry.

If you’re looking at moving into the car industry, but aren’t sure where to start, here are 6 areas within the dealership space that could be the perfect fit for you.


1. Sales

Working as an automotive salesperson will require you to be the face of the dealership you work for, seeing you responsible for the majority of the communication with customers. Being a salesperson doesn’t just require you to bring in money for the business, but also asks that you have excellent product knowledge and comprehension skills, so you are able to best assess a customer’s needs and recommend vehicles accordingly.

You will also need well developed communication skills, be very personable and persuasive – without being pushy or aggressive.


2. Sales Management

The sales manager is responsible for managing the sales staff, approving car deals, and determining the value (to the dealership) of cars that are traded in. In some instances, they can also be the person who buys and sets the prices on the cars.

In this role you would be expected to coach and encourage your team, so as to ensure they are meeting quotas and targets that have been laid out.


3. Dealership office and administration

This area of the industry puts you at the helm of a dealerships day-to-day functions and includes roles such as an office manager, executive assistant, receptionist or an accounts payable/receivable clerk.

These roles vary significantly, with some having more client-focused responsibilities, while others will be responsible for the financial paperwork involved in running a dealership. It takes strong business minded individuals who like working with people or is comfortable with numbers to work in this field.


4. Service department

Many dealerships have their own service department with service technicians who help to ensure that customers keep coming back to the dealership for maintenance and repairs. Most service departments have a manager who schedules and leads the other employees, which could include technicians, appointment setters and shuttle drivers.

Today, service technicians must be trained in car mechanics, as well as electronics and computers. In today's fast paced automotive world, certified technicians must continue to maintain their skills and stay on top of changes in the industry.


5. Parts department

If you work at a franchised dealership, chances are there will be a parts department from which customers can purchase parts from the specific car brand rather than aftermarket sellers.

Those working in the parts department will likely work hand-in-hand with the service department, and would predominantly be responsible for ordering, managing inventory and distributing parts to technicians and the public.


6. Marketing and communications

Managing the marketing and communications of a dealership is an ideal role for those who either have strong communications skills, or else have a specific degree or experience in this area.

This area could see you working as a social media manager, website administrator or digital marketing manager depending on the size and needs of a particular dealership. It is a role that will likely see you in charge of promotions, campaigns and both digital and print marketing material, which can be used in-store by the salespeople.


If you’re interested in entering into the automotive space, contact Bayside Group Automotive today. Our specialist consultants can provide opportunities with some of the biggest, best and most career-rewarding automotive brands.

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