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Jul 23, 2020

Paul Kohle celebrates 25 years with Bayside Personnel

This month, Bayside Personnel Team Leader Paul Kohle celebrated his 25th year with the company. He's currently working from home alongside his wife and three daughters, and though we've been assured the teddy bears aren't his, we're not convinced!

Based in Victoria, Paul is a company stalwart who still to this day gets a buzz out of what he does within the recruitment space.

Paul began his journey with us as a temp before becoming a Bayside Personnel Recruitment Consultant and then Team Leader.  His commitment and expertise over the years has been appreciated by candidates and clients alike – in fact, his ability to build strong relationships and understand people means he makes the job look a lot easier than it actually is!

Bayside Personnel National Manager Wayne Eaton commends Paul for his excellent interpersonal skills that, in many instances, have seen him maintain client relationships for the entirety of his career.

“Paul is a fantastic industry networker and has developed strong, long-lasting relationships with his customers that, in some instances, have spanned many years. This is a true testament to his resilience, and his desire to ensure his customers’ needs are serviced through his friendly and personal hands on approach,” Wayne said. “I congratulate Paul with achieving this fantastic milestone and thank him for his friendship over his journey with Bayside Personnel.”

Throughout the last 25 years, Paul has seen many shifts and changes within the industry, particularly during the current times, but has always found a way to adapt and face these changes with a positive attitude. In fact, he has worked through three major downturns, helping candidates through tough times.

“Paul has the same fire and passion towards his role as he did on day one,” Wayne said. “And constantly tackles challenges with a positive outlook.”

As Paul reached his significant milestone, we sat down with him to ask him about his experiences at Bayside Personnel and his secret to his career longevity.


The early years

Little known to most of his colleagues and clients, Paul was a die hard tennis player, with dreams of one day playing professionally. He says that desire came to an end around his 18th birthday, when other priorities came to the fore.

“I played A-Grade tennis, so playing professionally was the dream. But once you turn 18 and start to think about the early mornings and hours of training each day, the shine begins to wear off”, he laughed.

“From there, I went on to study Civil and Structural Engineering at RMIT in Melbourne. Initially I was more interested in architecture because I really enjoyed the drawing component and visual aspects of it, but I fell into engineering and found that it combined a lot more elements that were particularly interesting.”


The first job

Paul began his career working for a Melbourne engineering company, but after a while realised that environment was not where he was destined to work for the majority of his career. A particularly friendly and outgoing person, Paul was discouraged by the “stale nature” of that particular workplace.

“At the time, most of the people working in that company were 60 years old, and weren’t highly engaged or interested in connecting with the evolving industry or our clients,” he said.

“So I left that job and did what all other young people do when trying to find themselves and went overseas! When I got back, I contacted Bayside Group for a contract job within the engineering space.”

While there were no jobs in that role at the time, Paul was cajoled into the office by his friend and then Bayside Personnel Consultant Joe Galea, where he accepted a position that would see him assist with payroll tax for three months.

To this day, Paul remembers sitting outside the office of Bayside Group’s Founding Director, Robert Blanche, waiting to see what would become of his career after his three months were up.

“I was sitting right outside his door, and he walked straight up to me and told me he’d been watching me work hard for the last three months, and asked if I’d like a job working as a Consultant for Bayside Personnel. I said ‘why not, let’s give it a go!’ And the rest, they say, is history.”


The key to longevity

For many, the prospect of 25 years within the same company might seem unfathomable. Indeed, when Paul first started working as a Consultant within Bayside Personnel, he was told he’d probably move on within nine months… but, as he jokes, he wasn’t so easy to get rid of.

Paul says the key to his longevity is by always keeping an eye out for opportunities that allow for growth - whether that be for the company or internally as an employee.

“If you’re working within the same industry, most companies will offer relatively similar opportunities, so it’s up to you to make the most of them and strive to do the most you can with what you’re given,” he said.

“It’s about mixing things up, scoping out those new areas for growth, partnerships and development and having a positive attitude towards everything you do. I always want to be constantly looking for ways to grow and get more from myself so I can help advance the business.”

Paul credits his positivity to the “buzz” he still gets from working as a Bayside Personnel Team Leader every day.

“I still get a buzz out of recruitment, making opportunities and helping the team grow. I’ve always had people skills and this is a role that really allows me to utilise those and form relationships with both clients and candidates. Even 25 years on I still love meeting new people every single day and helping them achieve their career goals.”  


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