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Nov 17, 2020

Create a more impressive resume by quantifying your achievements

When it comes to crafting an effective resume, it is important to not only state what you’ve done at a previous job, but what you’ve achieved there. One of the best ways to do this is by including quantifiable evidence to showcase the value you added to previous companies during your time with them. This could include the total percentage increase in new sales, clients or website visitors that you were personally responsible for, for example. These are impactful numbers that allow potential employers and hiring managers to quickly ascertain what benefit you could bring should they choose to hire you.

However, not all roles lend themselves to this type of numerical measurement, or perhaps you have not been in your role long enough to collect data that will hold enough weight.

If this is the case for you, we have put together this list of tangible evidence ideas broken into different skill areas that can help you stand out and position you as the best candidate for the job.


Team building/management

  • The number of team members you have managed/supervised
  • Staff retention rates
  • Staff promotion rates
  • Improved staff satisfaction by X amount
  • The number and types of external stakeholders you worked with
  • The number of team building activities/programs you developed and implemented
  • The number of times you were selected/nominated as team or project leader


Project/account management

  • The number of projects or accounts managed
  • The percentage of projects delivered on time/ahead of schedule
  • The number of new clients you acquired
  • The percentage of account/client retention
  • The number of units you sold over a particular time
  • Monetary budgets managed
  • The percentage at which you improved customer satisfaction
  • Dollar value of contracts you negotiated


Productivity and efficiency

  • The dollar value you saved your employer through streamlining a process/system
  • The number of role-related tasks you typically completed in a given timeframe
  • Your response rate for queries
  • The number of clients you typically served within a given timeframe
  • Money saved from negotiations with suppliers
  • Time reductions achieved
  • Percentage by which you've improved efficiency
  • Percentage of targets hit
  • Percentage of issues resolved
  • The number of new initiatives you implemented which resulted in benefits for your employer


Creative thinking and problem solving

  • The number of new ideas/initiatives you successfully implemented
  • The return on investment of an idea you introduced
  • The number of critical problems you solved for the business
  • The financial impact of problems you were able to solve
  • Time, money or productivity savings due to your problem-solving capabilities


Professional development and personal achievement

  • The number of awards you’ve won or been nominated for (make sure these are relevant to the job for which you are applying)
  • The number of training courses you’ve completed
  • The number of new qualifications you’ve gained
  • The number of new skills you’ve learnt in a given timeframe
  • The number of members of staff you have trained, coached or mentored
  • The number of times you’ve been promoted/progressed
  • The number of publications that have featured your work
  • The number of volunteering positions you’ve held


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