How on-hired workers can benefit your business


Every organisation will experience seasonal fluctuations throughout the year. For example, the lead up to Christmas will typically see many organisations, such as the food and beverage industry, ramp up production, whereas others will hit their peak at different times.

If your company experiences known influxes of activity, you are likely to need the flexibility to increase or decrease your labour force in response to these changing demands. A flexible workforce or the use of on-hired workers is one of the best ways to meet labour shortfalls or provide cover for existing staff in times of absentees, ensuring production levels remain consistent. With focused workforce planning, on-hired workers are an effective means to address full time, part time and multiple shift requirements.

If you find your business experiencing seasonal growth, or else struggle when staff are on leave, here are some primary reasons why you should consider employing on-hired workers.


Help manage the additional workload

If your workplace experiences seasonal increases in demand, it is vital that you have enough staff to meet these. Failing to do so means you could miss out on crucial sales, both immediate and future, and negatively impact your stakeholder relationships.

Employing on-hired workers ensures you have a flexible workforce during these busier periods, which will see you well prepared to take on the additional workload. During periods when you know your industry sees an influx in work, demand for on-hired talent will be higher. During this time it pays to begin the hiring process early, so as to give you the best chance of finding those with the right skills, rather than losing them to your competitors. It also allows time for correct training and on-boarding before the peak time hits, so you can feel safe in knowing that your staff are capable to perform their duties.


Cover your gaps

There are certain times of year that typically see a greater number of permanent and long-term employees wanting to take leave, such as Christmas, Easter and school holidays. This can leave business owners with significant gaps in labour and skills during this period. Though one or two employees on leave might not seem like a lot, their absence can in fact see your operations grinding to a halt, particularly for smaller businesses.

On-hired staff can help to fill the gaps when employees are on leave, ensuring your operations can continue to run smoothly throughout the whole year.


Maintain staff morale

Meeting tight deadlines, doing over-time and increased pressure can take its toll on employees. Bringing in on-hired workers during busy periods or when people are on leave can take the strain off permanent staff. This won’t only assist in improving morale among your permanent staff high, but will also help to boost productivity at a time where it may otherwise wane.

On-hired workers can help improve the attitude of your workplace, making employees healthier and generally more productive. Rather than employing permanent staff with idle time during low periods of the year, those who are on-hired can be brought in swiftly during the peak periods to ensure productivity is maintained.


Access specialised skills

Permanent staff are often hired for their broad range of capabilities and their ability to progress, as opposed to being employed for their specialist skills in one area. While this is indeed beneficial, it may leave you lacking experience in a particularly niche area of science and technology.

As specialists in scientific and technical recruitment, we have access to talented, pre-qualified and background checked candidates, giving us the capability to on-hire professionals with the specific skills you need. Scientific National Manager, Alen Skaro, says: “we regularly see the impact of on-hired workers in boosting team capability and productivity and receive positive feedback from employers”. Our pool of talent can be accessed at short notice for short or long term employment, which will allow an organisation to benefit from an employee’s expertise without having to make a long term commitment. Interestingly, many of our on-hired employees become so indispensable to the team and organisation, they are offered a permanent role within 12 months.


Minimise your risk

The Fair Work Act defines strict rules around the engagement of casual workers, meaning that employers need to understand their obligations and meet their responsibilities when employing on-hired workers.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be difficult. Techstaff on-hires hundreds of employees each year, who enter into employment contracts that define Techstaff as the actual employer. The companies to whom Techstaff then on-hire its workers are simply ‘Host’ employers, giving Techstaff the responsibility of employee management and payrolling, ensuring all employee obligations and entitlements are met.

If you are looking to find on-hired workers, partner with an agency that has been recruiting technical professionals for more than 25 years.

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