Employment Pathways

Practical training solutions for entry-level employees

Today, 75% of Australian CEOs are concerned about the availability of vital skills. Creating new employment pathways, which develop key skills, is essential to employers and entry-level employees alike.

We work side by side with employers, educational institutions and government to bridge the skills gap. Our collaborative approach means that we deliver innovative employment pathways that ensure entry-level employees have the skills they need. Reduce the time, administration and costs associated with recruiting and onboarding entry-level employees, while employment risks.

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What we do

Bayside Group has developed the Employment Pathways Program to assist entry-level employees, educational institutions and employers improve the path to employment:

  • Schools Pathway
  • Vocational Pathway
  • Training Pathway
  • Innovative Workforce Clusters

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Improve your success rate and reduce training costs when employing entry-level staff

Entry-level training

Our Employment Pathways programs aim to:

  • Reduce wage costs associated with training for entry-level positions
  • Increase employment opportunities for young Australians
  • Improve employment outcomes for young Australians entering their preferred field of employment
  • Ensure young Australians understand their employment options and employer expectations
  • Assist in skill development for school leavers, university graduates and other young Australians in developing specific employment skills
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Schools Pathway

Practical information and skill development on applying for jobs, with pre-work tools provided to assist students in understanding the process and basic employer expectations.

Vocational Pathway

Small classroom sized training sessions designed for vocational students looking to enter traineeships or apprenticeships post high school.

Training Pathway

Linkages to state and federal government initiatives, blending funding, training and upskilling programs into one pathway for employees. This assists employers to engage staff across multiple levels and minimise the cost of training.

Innovative Workforce Clusters

Innovative Workforce Clusters (IWC’s) are regional skills programs designed to support local workers, boost skills and create more permanent jobs in local industries. They are whole of community, industry and government driven programs to meet the specific needs of a region. CozWine is a recruitment partner for the Sunraysia cluster. To learn more, click here.

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