Induction & Onboarding Services

Enhance productivity with effective onboarding

How can you improve employee engagement, retention and productivity? With effective induction and onboarding for your business, employees are more likely to stay loyal and work hard when they are successfully integrated into a company.

Our dedicated consultants deliver comprehensive induction, onboarding and compliance services tailored to your workforce requirements, providing an end-to-end induction program that reduces onboarding timeframes.

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What we do

  • OHS Induction
  • Customised Induction
  • Licence/Ticket Management
  • PPE Provision
  • Site Familiarisation
  • Identity Badges

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Work ready employees who understand your expectations

Ensure onboarding consistency and compliance

Our recruitment team, together with our online partner, offers solutions to streamline the induction and onboarding experience.

As a result, our workforce gave us a 9.5 out of 10 satisfaction rating for providing clear instructions about the position and expectations.

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Tailored induction

With the option for customised content and branding, you can ensure consistency of inductions across your entire workforce prior to commencement. Our workplace relations and safety teams can work with you to identify requirements for varying employment arrangements.

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