By Bayside Group

Jun 15, 2020

Wayne Merritt on how MCM is making real change


In this first episode of the Work Conversations podcast, Austra Health National Manager Gavin Becker sits down for a conversation with General Manager of Homelessness and Justice at Melbourne City Mission (MCM), Wayne Merritt.

For those unfamiliar with MCM, it is a Melbourne-based community support organisation that for over 165 years has provided support in areas including Homelessness, Justice, Disability, Palliative Care, and Early Childhood Intervention Services.

Within this episode, Wayne talks about his career trajectory, which saw him move from managing local youth services in the government sector to pursuing his current role at MCM that he has now held for three years. He talks of the struggles he encountered when it came to the barriers of the corporate world, and how he’s found fulfilment in his role at MCM, which allows him to see the real difference the NFP makes to those at risk.

He goes on to discuss the MCM’s major projects, including the annual Sleep at the ‘G fundraiser, which this year will be channelling donations into the development of a 10-bed youth refuge facility in Werribee. Last year’s sleepover saw thousands flock to the MCG, raising over $1 million for the redevelopment of Frontyard Youth Services.

Wayne is hopeful that, despite the event not occurring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people will still get on board and support the fundraiser by getting creative with friends and family. For individuals, he suggests having a sleepover in a tent or on the couch, and even shares his own initiative which saw him and his family create a miniature model of the MCG from toilet rolls on the kitchen table.

Other ideas for organisations and businesses that wish to get involved are to hold auctions, where staff nominate tasks, skills or services they would be willing to offer once social distancing restrictions are lifted. This could include one-on-one mentoring sessions with the CEO, or a month’s access to a parking spot.

While Sleep at the ‘G has finished, donations are still being accepted, and you can make a donation through Bayside Group’s corporate page here.

To find out more about Melbourne City Mission’s work, visit their website, and you can find Wayne Merritt on LinkedIn here.

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