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Jul 2, 2020

Jamie Getgood on putting the human back into HR


In this episode of Work Conversations, Gavin Becker sits down for a conversation with Jamie Getgood, owner and Director of Getgood Consulting.

Jamie is an award winning Senior HR Leader with a proven track record across generalist and specialist HR roles in a number of large multinational organisations. He was also named as the Australian Leader/Manager of the year at the Australian Excellence Awards in 2017 and was a finalist in the AHRI HR Director of the year awards 2017.

Despite this success however, Jamie had no notion of working within Human Resources until he landed himself in a training role after his mechanical trade apprenticeship. It was here that he learnt to better adapt a hands on approach when it came to people management, as well as understand and address common employee issues from a technical, yet people-focused, perspective.  

It is this human element and personal connection that Jamie says drives results within the HR industry, but is something he believes is so often lacking from many HR companies today. 

Getgood Consulting is based upon one of Jamie’s leading principles: “How to be Human 101”. This is the idea that employers are so often preoccupied with the systems and processes of their company, they forget about the importance of putting people – their employees – first. 

Jamie delves into the numerous closures and restructurings that he has been involved in, with a focus on GM Holden when it closed its manufacturing operations in Australia. Here, he lead the development of a best practice Transition Centre to support employees, and provide advice and training to help them transition into new work. Within this work he was instrumental in not only developing internal strategies but creating networks within multiple government departments, the supply chain, employers and community groups.

To find out more about Jamie, follow him on LinkedIn, or read more about Getgood Consulting on the website.

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