Five reasons to work in automotive customer service right now

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Working in a customer service role for an automotive company provides a wide range of job opportunities and benefits. Whether you’ve worked in customer service in a different industry and are looking for a change, or are wanting to try something different altogether, this role offers a great opportunity for those who are passionate about cars, or simply want somewhere to explore and grow their potential.

According to SEEK’s latest data, customer service representative roles have seen a steady increase and are expected to increase by as much as 6.6 percent over the next five years. Furthermore, currently within the automotive space these customer-facing roles are crucial, as they help to maintain brand affinity and build relationships with customers.

If you’re looking to enter into a new role or transition back into the workforce, here are five benefits that might make a role in automotive customer service a great opportunity for you.


You gain invaluable training and skills

Working in customer service will familiarise you with a number of different operating systems and programs that will be useful in many other roles that may present themselves to you later on down the track.

These can include anything from using more general Mac or PC systems to company-specific data programs or Customer Relationship Management software that make your role, and the customers experience of your service, much easier. Previous experience in these, as well as handling a large volume of tickets and calls, will all put you in good stead for moving forward on your career path.


Career progression opportunities

There are many ways those working in customer service within an automotive company can advance within their career with regards to internal progression and promotion.

After working in automotive customer service, not only have you acted as the front-facing contact for the brand, but you also understand the unique queries and challenges of your customers. For this reason, you may be an ideal employee for promotion opportunities.

You may be able to move into a specialist customer role, where you work one-on-one with customers, but also have additional subject matter expertise that equips you to handle escalations. From here, there is potential to become a team leader or manager, where you would be responsible for overseeing a team or department, providing training and setting targets.


Demand is high

Demand for customer service roles is currently high, with job ads on the rise. This makes it an ideal time for those looking to enter back into the workforce to make the most of this opportunity and apply for current positions being advertised. Though looking for jobs can be a stressful experience, getting into the job market when the time is right can make finding a job that is a good fit for you a much simpler experience.


Human interaction and working with people

After 2020 saw the arrival of the pandemic, and with it the implementation of social distancing and isolation measures, it is nice to have an opportunity to engage with people once again. Being in a communication rich role such as customer service gives you the opportunity to interact with others on a daily basis, making this a particularly rewarding career for those who enjoy talking to, helping and providing a service to others.

Furthermore, it is an ideal way for those with already good communication skills to utilise these and develop them even further. Effective communication is a highly sought after skill, with Indeed ranking it the number one rated desired skill by employers. In customer service role, listening, comprehension, negotiation and speaking are all important skills to possess and build upon.


You don’t need previous automotive experience

One of the benefits of working in the automotive customer service space is that you don’t need any automotive technical know-how. Though you will likely gain greater insight into this the more time you spend in the role. This makes it a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about cars to work within an automotive organisation without needing to have trained as a technician or mechanic.

If you don’t necessarily have a specific interest in cars, there are typically a host of other benefits that make the job appealing in its own right. For example, many will have on-site parking, a subsidised canteen and offer regular working hours rather than shift work. All of this not only makes it a more enjoyable place to work, but also allows those with other commitments the ability to manage them in relation to consistent work hours.


If you are interested in applying for customer service roles within the automotive sector or wish to know more about these roles, visit our job ads here, or contact Bayside Group Automotive today on 9864 6000 and speak to Belinda Weathers.

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