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Bayside Group works in partnership with employers, providing valuable advice in relation to recruitment, workforce management and workplace relations. As recruitment specialists for specific industries, our consultants can also offer deeper insights into your sector’s current labour market and workforce trends. 

We have developed some useful tools for employers, and encourage you to contact us to discuss your business goals and issues so we can help you to develop sustainable hiring and workforce management solutions. 

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Employer Interview Guide

We’ve learned a lot in 40+ years of recruitment, and have developed this Employer Interview Guide to pass on what works and what doesn’t. With practical advice and actionable steps, this guide can bring you one step closer to sourcing top talent for your organisations. You’ll learn:


  • The best way to structure a job interview
  • Questions you can’t ask in a job interview and those you can
  • How to design skill-based questions
  • Effective behavioural questions
  • Leadership questions
  • Techniques our recruitment consultants use to source talent in the current labour market 


Access a range of workplace relations resources designed to assist and inform HR, Procurement and Executive Managers.