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Creating a perfect resume

The first step on your journey to your dream job is creating a resume that grabs a prospective employer’s attention. 

Our consultants leverage their industry experience to show you how to craft a bullet-proof resume, perfectly tailored to your job search. We’ve pooled our cross-industry knowledge to provide you with three free downloadable resume templates that show you how to write and structure a top-notch resume. 

Choose from a Recruiter-Friendly resume template, a One-to-Two Page resume template or visual resume template, depending on the industry and job you are applying for. 

With these easy-to-use resume templates, you’ll be able to build a resume that fits your preferences and gets you noticed. 

Choose a resume template

With our easy-to-use templates, you’ll be able to build a resume that suits your career aspirations and gets you noticed.


One-to-two page


Write a cover letter

Every job application should include a cover letter. It's effectively your elevator pitch, giving you the opportunity to grab the attention of a potential employer and summarise your suitability for the role. 

For tips on what to include within your cover letter and an example of best practice cover letter structure, download our 'Writing an Effective Cover Letter Guide' below. This tool has been developed by our consultants to help you make the best first impression. 

Start applying for jobs

Now that you've created an effective cover letter and resume for potential employers, start your job search today.

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